Top Wedding Trends 2019

The Top Wedding Trends We Will Be Seeing in 2019

We all know that wedding preparations can take months of really hard work and dedication, and that is one of the reasons why soon-to-be newlyweds are under so much stress. Fortunately for everyone who’s planning to get married in 2019, the options for finding truly remarkable trends and wedding inspiration are many. Read on to discover the top wedding trends that you’ll fall in love with the following year.

Classic forever
Bridal beauty is changing every season, even if only slightly, and thanks to Meghan Markle’s unexpected and unapologetic natural look, many brides choose to have a natural or classic look, as opposed to heavy makeup that’s been pretty popular these past few seasons. Focusing on natural look will allow brides to emphasize all of their favorite features and they won’t feel as pressured to hide their freckles as they were before. False eyelashes and eyelash extensions are popular too as they can really make one’s eyes stand out without adding more makeup, and the brides love that.

Focus on favors
For years now, edible favors have been around and they have been popular for a good reason. Not only are they adorable, but they symbolically represent the sweetness of life that’s awaiting the happy couple. This year, however, the newlyweds can take it up a notch and introduce edible favors with a twist. For example, they can choose to hand out favors that convey a message – something that shows where the couple is from or where they met. It’s also a great chance to make a witty joke like “it was mint to be”, or “thanks for poppin’ by”. Whatever you choose, edible favors will always be a sweet ending of a new beginning.

Luxury and exuberance
As much as rustic barn and garden weddings were popular in 2016 and 2017, 2019 brings us something new. It’s all about the details and the air of luxury: from custom illustrations and wax seals on wedding invitations to top-notch cars from Queen Street Wedding & Car Hire; the happy couple will not find it difficult to make their wedding truly extravagant. Crystal chandeliers, wedding cakes decorated with edible gold, and flower walls will make your big day truly unforgettable. Of course, not everything has to be over-the-top; sometimes the details such as personalized welcome baskets for each guest will be enough.

Different centerpieces
The year behind us brought us many interesting trends, and some of them are going to stay ‘hot’ in 2019 as well. Such is the case with floral installations which unexpectedly became the hot new centerpiece design that took over the world. Designers will work closely with the couples and their wedding planners in order to create installations which will sit on the reception table instead of being hanged from above. Floral installations will continue to be really popular the following year but the focus is going to be more on unique sculptural installations which will be placed on the tables.

No more pink
As much as it might make some of you sad, it’s time we said goodbye to pale pinks and give a warm welcome to different shades of purple instead. The wedding world has been filled with blush for several years now, and it’s high time we embraced a new hue. There’s something for everyone, from delicate and romantic lavender to a bit more dramatic ultraviolet, shades of purples are slowly replacing those classic blush tones.

It might not be easy to pick just one trend you want to stick to, but it doesn’t have to be a problem. Fortunately for us, you can pick several trends you like and try to combine them so that the final result is truly magical. Not only will you love it, but it will also be a real reflection of who you and your future spouse are, and that’s one of the most important things on your big day.

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