Travelling to a Kerala Wedding

5 Tips for Travelling to a Kerala Wedding

Kerala Weddings are always an incredible event for the bride, groom, family and friends. So much effort goes into making the wedding as perfect as it can be for the happy couple, that should you miss the wedding, you will surely cause a great offense to the hosts and yourself. Often, Kerala weddings can involve an extensive ceremony which may involve you travelling to meet them for more than one day. Here are some great tips to avoid missing the splendid Kerala Wedding.

1. Book your hotel and arrive early

Kerala is famous for its beautiful landscape and natural beauty. A huge number of tourists visit Kerala each year to explore and indulge in Kerala’s rich culture and rising eco-tourism. This means that hotels are constantly in demand and therefore it is important to book the hotel as early as possible. Hotels will vary in price and extra services that could be provided to you. Consider using hotel voucher codes to get the best discount on your chosen hotel.

If you are travelling a long distance across the country or via plane, it is especially important to arrive a day or two early before the wedding. Airlines and trains are especially busy and you need to prepare yourself for delays, just in case.

2. Book your transport to the wedding in advance

There is nothing worse than arriving to Kerala on time only to struggle to reach the wedding venue. Always book your transport in advance to avoid disappointment. Do note that travelling by train is incredibly popular so trains can be fully booked very quickly. In emergencies you can use the Tatkal scheme which allows you to book a train journey in very short notice. But be warned, the Tatkal service will be much more expensive.

3. Dress for the weather and the wedding

The weather in Kerala can be incredibly beautiful but it can also mean that you become very hot, depending on when you visit. Kerala has three main seasons and it’s especially important to note which season you will be experiencing in Kerala. The tropical sun is said to last from mid-February to mid-May, with temperatures reaching up to 35°C. Consider wearing clothes that will not make you swelter while being respectful to the residents and to the wedding guests.

From mid-May to early September the monsoon begins which means you will be experiencing constant showers. It’s advised that you bring an umbrella to Kerala no matter the season, but it is especially important to bring one during the monsoons. Waterproof clothing will be beneficial here.

From mid-October to early February Kerala experiences a timid winter which can lead to some mist. As long as you avoid the hills the weather will still be relatively warm compared to other districts in the country and especially compared to other countries. There will still be a lot of rain.

Don’t be afraid to ask the bride or groom about what kind of clothes they expect the guests to wear. Occasionally there will be a colour theme or a colour to avoid but often the couple would like their guests to wear bold and colourful clothes to celebrate their wedding in festive style. It is often important to dress modestly too, so consider avoiding short skirts and bare shoulders. Some Kerala weddings involve sitting on the floor, so make sure you are dressed comfortably. Bare in mind whether the couple has a particular faith as this could affect the dress code.

4. Bring a small monetary gift

Unless specified, many Kerala weddings will appreciate a small monetary gift that they may receive in an envelope. Bear in mind that for some people, numbers ending with the digit 1 are considered lucky.

5. Relax and enjoy the wedding

A Kerala wedding is a wonderful event that is sure to be beautiful and blessed. Relax and enjoy the wedding and the feast that is bound to be served at the reception. Travelling for a wedding can be a stressful affair but with a Kerala wedding you are bound to have an incredible time and memories to last a lifetime.


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