E-filing Marriage in Kerala

How to E-filing Marriage in Kerala

Kerala state launched Sevana Common Marriage Web Module for the submission of common marriage registration application through web is inaugurated on 9th January 2012 by the Hon. Minister for Panchayats & Social Welfare, Dr. M.K. Muneer at Kadinamkulam Grama Panchayat, Thiruvananthapuram district.

The process of e-furnishing of memorandum for registration of common marriage.

1. Log on to www.cr.lsgkerala.gov.in and navigate to common marriage – Online Form Submission

2. Select the District and Local body, where the marriage is solemnized, from the drop-down list and click on the submit button.

3. A LOGIN screen will be displayed for registering user name (email –id) and password .

  • One has to select New Login for the first time operation.
  • Registered user can directly login by their username and password.
  • Units like Akshaya Centre, Internet Cafes need to do one time registration.

4. In the text box provide informant name, e-mail id (this id is to be used as the user name for future login) and a password (it need not be the password of email id) . Phone numbers can be furnished there.

5. On completion of the log on registration formalities, the user will receive data entry screen for Form 1.

6. Data entry should be done as per details required in the form. All the * marked fields are mandatory. For place of marriage a combo selection is provided by including all marriage places/Mandapams. If the place of marriage is not seen in the drop down list, select others where details can be entered in a text box. Post office and pin code is compulsory in address fields. As regards Post offices in Kerala a Master is provided for combo selection. The custom followed for marriage can also be selected, details of documents for proof of custom followed, age etc may also be furnished .

7. The photos of husband and wife should be scanned and uploaded (Crop to suit the size)

8. The form along with the scanned photos of husband and wife will be saved to the data centre and uploaded by pressing the submit button.

9. On successful submission, the Form I can be generated for verification, which can be edited if required. The reference number of the form is printed on the top left hand corner. If one is making any correction, resubmit the form for updating the correction.

10. Print out of this form should be taken and submitted in the concerned local body duly signed by all concerned.

11. The husband and wife should file this application in person along with required fee in the concerned local body where the marriage is solemnized.

12. The web based data entry form can be done even before date of marriage but the application can be submitted only after solemnisation of marriage.

13. Using the user name (e-mail id) and password used for login, the data can be accessed and edited till it is downloaded by the registration unit.

14. In case of delayed application, the registration officials will forward the application along with the Form II and other mandatory enclosures to the concerned Registrar General for condoning the delay.

15. The concerned official of local body will download the application from web, incorporate inward number and fee payment details, verify the particulars with the documents furnished, make correction if necessary, take a print out in Form III, get it signed by husband and wife. This will complete the registration process as per rule applications given with in one year. For applications applied after one year of solemnisation registration will be done only after getting the delay condoned from the authorised authority.
Important Notice
• The e-furnishing of data will not be considered as the statutory filing of memorandum for marriage registration as prescribed in the rule.
• As per the existing rule, the husband and wife should appear before the registrar for signing for registration of the marriage.

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