Kerala Wedding Reception Dress Trends

Kerala Wedding Reception Dress Trends 2023

As the wedding season is about to come, we thought it would be nice to share some ideas are on what you can wear for your wedding reception in Kerala. With the kind of fashions and trends that Kerala has been developing over the years, there are many options for what you should wear at your wedding.

Kerala wedding reception dress trends is a collection of designer dresses that you can wear at Kerala wedding receptions in 2023. The trendsetters are pairing the traditional with the contemporary and showing off their love for nature. Let’s look at some options from designers who have made waves in recent years.

Kerala Wedding

A Kerala wedding lasts for one day and a night and may sometimes last two days. The marriage ceremony takes place in a Hindu temple and is officiated by the Vedic Pandits. A traditional IyerKonkani or Namboodiri wedding is arranged through a formal process of matchmaking, which involves the horoscope of matching of the boy and the girl to be married.

Malayali weddings are simple and traditional. The rituals are straight forward yet sophisticated. They represent the depth of the culture of Kerala. Weddings in Kerala usually happen during morning hours in the presence of family members, relatives, and friends of both bride and groom. Though Kerala has many religions and communities, most wedding follows traditions combined with a modern style of lifestyle.

While Kerala weddings’ intricate and beautiful details are incredibly fascinating, my favourite part about this culture is the relationship and love between the bride and groom. In typical Hindu weddings, both sides of the family stay in separate houses for days leading up to the ceremony. The families get to know each other, as do the bride and groom, who have rare moments together in their new home before they are married.

Kerala Reception

Wedding season is upon us, and this means one thing: it’s time to get dressed up and go to weddings. Weddings are a great opportunity to wear something you don’t usually wear and to show off your sense of style to the world. But with so many different style choices, it can be hard to know where to begin. Well, we’ve got you covered.

For those who are exactly not sure about what to wear to their wedding reception in Kerala, we have compiled a list of some of the most stylish reception outfits you can wear. As the wedding season kicks off, you will notice that many grooms are looking for traditional Kerala wedding reception ideas, which is great news for those on the lookout for something different. The options are endless, from the finest silk sarees and matching lehengas to ethnic kurtas, sherwanis, and even bridal gowns. No matter what kind of wedding reception theme you have, you are sure to find something here to suit your style.

What to wear to your Kerala wedding reception? We’ve put together some ideas on what to wear to your Kerala wedding reception, so you can also get some inspiration for your big day. From traditional saris and salwars to modern kurtas and even western gowns, there are so many varieties when it comes to what you want to wear at your wedding reception in Kerala. No matter what style you prefer, we’ve got some great options for you to browse through.

Kerala is the most beautiful and attractive state in India, with a unique culture and a variety of landscapes. The fashion scene in Kerala has been evolving over the years, with new styles and trends coming up. One of the biggest occasions in the Kerala calendar, which is often synonymous with the state, is the wedding season.

Here are a few Karela wedding dress trends listed below:

Styles for the bride

Mundum Neriyathum Saree

Saree Mundum Neriyathum In Malayalam, Mundum refers to the lower garment, whereas Neriyathum refers to the upper garment used with Mundu or Mundum. Traditionally, a garment is made up of two pieces of clothing worn together, but nowadays, brides and other females wear Mundum Neriyathum sarees for special events and weddings. The golden border, called Kara in Malayalam, distinguishes the white saree.

Mundum Neriyathum Saree

Neon Mundum Saree

A traditional Kerala bride’s attire is a white Mundum saree with gold borders in various widths. Invest in a neon Mundum saree style for all the morning festivities of a Kerala wedding if you want to wear traditional Kerala clothing with a twist. The rani pink blouse adds a splash of colour to the outfit!

Block Print Saree with Kara

If you enjoy designs but still want to wear a Kerala traditional garment for your wedding, a printed silk saree with a Kara border is a good option. Many manufacturers and retailers now offer multi-coloured sarees with Kara borders, honouring tradition while also satisfying a need for something unique for the bridal trousseau.

Styles for the Bridegroom

Zari Embroidered Shirt with Lungi

The Lungi or Mundu with a gold Kasava border and a folded Melmundu fabric that sits on
the shoulder is a typical Kerala traditional outfit for the groom. The Melmundu is traditionally wrapped over the groom’s naked chest during the wedding, although lately, grooms can also be seen wearing shirts with Lungi for the major ceremony. A Zari embroidered shirt may be a terrific way to add some opulence to otherwise plain wedding apparel.

Prince Coat

The modern groom’s interpretation of Kerala traditional clothing is the prince coat. Grooms frequently use a rose pin or pocket square with this structured coat to keep the look tidy and refined during the wedding ceremony. It looks great with a Lungi or a Churidar.

Kurta With Lungi

The most typical change that grooms make to traditional Kerala attire is replacing the Melmundu fabric and bare chest with a Kurta. A simple white or cream cotton or silk Kurta also looks great with the Mundu.

Wedding dresses in Kerala are very simple and traditional. The rituals are straightforward yet sophisticated. They represent the depth of the culture of Kerala. In some cases, it is also a part of the ceremony for young girls to get married, and women who have reached puberty to be married by their parents or chosen spouse’s family.

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