Wedding Trends 2022 in Kerala

Wedding Trends 2023 in Kerala: Amazing Trends to Know

We are already in 2023! Phew! How time flies. Getting into a new year is always intoxicating. Lots of things to plan and execute, especially those who are planning to host a wedding this year. Planning a wedding is a fun activity, but it can sometimes be a pain. Furthermore, when you’re unaware of the latest wedding trends.

Of course, every bride wants their wedding to be the best and most memorable. Because let’s be genuine, who wants their once-in-a-lifetime event to be mundane, right? But, fret not queens, we have your back! Here, in this article, we will break down some latest trends for you to try!

1) More Intimate Rather Than Big

Honestly, what do we think about when it comes to Indian weddings? It’s always boisterous. But the pandemic has brought a new light to all social gatherings. These days, it’s about close friends and family; many couples have adjusted to this latest trend.

Fewer guests do not mean less fun, though. It can be equally fun, if not better. Include your love story in every detail. Those are the people who know you the best. Your big day will be much more meaningful with just their presence.

2) Travel With Your Wedding

That is one of the good parts of the latest wedding trends. Oh, to have your wedding by the beach. Or a top hill scenery as your wedding background. Nothing can get better than this. With a much-narrowed wedding guests list, this is possible to do.

This trend has become popular among wedding couples. Choose your favourite place and invite your guests there! You can even continue with your honeymoon. I know some couples who like to include their dear ones in every event. That would be perfect for you!

3) Flowers Are Still In Trend

We have seen floral decorations being used for quite a few years already. And no, floral design is still not dying and will continue to prosper. However, there is a twist for this year. Instead of the usual fresh flowers, people are using dried flowers. Combine these dried flowers with some greenery. You will see how much they light up your wedding venue.

1) Simple Makeup is The New Bold

Bright, vivid colour for makeup seems to be a thing of the past. More brides have opted for a natural look. Perfect foundation base. Nude lipstick. Earthy-toned colours on the eyes. You will look ravishing, Cool-toned colours also look great on Indian skin tones.

However, if you still want that extra spice from red colour, choose a matte red lipstick. But still, pick neutral colour for the rest of your makeup to avoid the colours from clashing with each other. It will bring out your natural beauty by enhancing the beauty you already have.

2) Bling Bling is Never Enough

Jewellery is one of the must-wear items for every bride. The heavily adorned bride look with jewellery seems to be in trend for 2022. To add a classy touch to your overall look, choose more pearls instead of just gemstones and gold. You’ll notice that heads will turn to you once you make your appearance. No one can ever resist stealing some glances to look at you.

3) Mehendi vibes!

Yes, I wrote that right. Colour your arms instead of just your hands. The wedding trend for this year is to decorate your whole arms with dark, red-coloured Mehendi. Asks your Mehndi artist to draw up until your elbow with the latest design. It will take longer to finish but, hey, it’s you’re wedding. Why not go all the way, right?

1) Pastels and Pinks

Soft-coloured dresses just recently made their debut for wedding dresses. And it is still standing strong. You can see many celebrities chose pastel colours for their wedding dresses. The elegance and softness of pastels enhance wearers’ beauty.

Besides, the dressmakers also said there are more pinks for this year’s wedding dresses aside from pastels. If you are not a fan of pastels and soft pinks, maybe you can try other different shades of pinks, as long as they suit your liking. Nothing can go wrong with pink.

2) Trailing Gowns? No, It’s Trailing Lehenga

Now, who says that only gowns can have trails. Ladies, this is the time for you to realize that dream to dress like a princess. The addition of trailing to your lehenga will add that beautiful queen-like vibe you’d wished. Imagine you strolling towards the wedding venue. Your lehenga trail glides on the floor with every step you take. Urgh! Simply stunning!

Want to look different in your pictures? Go for contrasting colours of wedding attire with your groom. Now, the contrast here does not mean completely clashing colours. Make sure you discuss it with your dressmaker first. Usually, people will go for colours that complement each other on the colour wheel chart. A gold lehenga for you and a red kurta for your groom could be a great pairing.

1) Let’s Go Out of The Box

Back then, wedding in Kerala was a muted event. The guests would have a feast with a live band playing in the background. However, these days wedding events are about celebrating with various entertainments like dance music, hip hop, stand-up comedy, and even magic shows. Just let loose and have fun with your guests!

Wanting a memorable wedding is every couple’s wish. From the ceremony to the entertainment. You would want everything to be perfect. Of course, it would get stressful sometimes. But I’d say have fun with the process. Get crazy with your ideas! It’s you’re wedding after all. Make everything count.

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