The Importance of Meeting your Wedding Photographer Before the Big Day

It may sound like an obvious statement, but a meeting your wedding photographer before the wedding day is hugely advantageous to the outcome for both parties.

The internet plays a massive role in today’s society. We have become dependent on it for many aspects of our lives, and booking a wedding photographer has become one of them.

In reality, this is not your best option. The internet is full of pretty photographs, but there is much more to a professional wedding photographer than an online portfolio or two.

Plan Ahead Get to Know Your Wedding Photographer Personally

Getting to know each other in advance has numerous benefits for the day, not just the photography and videography outcome.

So, when reading this if wedding photography is low on your to-do list, it’s a good thing to move it up the list a little bit you won’t regret it!

In doing so, you both get to know each other, and if personalities and values click, you are quickly on to the next stage of working on the day itself.

You can share venue ideas if it hasn’t been booked already, as well as the simpler things like make-up.

It’s a common trait that couples who dedicate time to meet their wedding photographer take the photography and videography seriously are therefore great to work with. A relationship has then been forged; this is where a wedding photographer can set everything up in advance and do their best work.

Also, meeting up and sharing ideas beforehand it makes the photography and videography so much more natural and the outcome spectacular.

From the perspective of the wedding photographer, it is essential to meet and establish a relationship and for the couple to understand what you want to achieve during the day.

From the couple’s side, if you are not getting on with someone and they are asking you to move here and do this, things can get awkward, and you want your day to be unique and hassle-free.

However, not all wedding photographers are the same. I prefer photographers who use the technique of trying to minimise the use of contrived photos. I believe that natural wedding photography and videography captures the moment and the day much better than continually lining friends and family up for contrived photos.

Book Early and Take Time Out to Meet

With it being one of the most important days of your life, take a Saturday out a few months before the wedding and get to know each other. Then you can regularly share ideas and new ideas over the phone or the wedding photographer’s social media, for example as you go along.

Style is paramount to any finished wedding photography. However, for a wedding photographer to get the best-finished photography, other aspects need to come together on the day.

To capture the perfect photography and videography on the day means the photographer getting to know your style first, their style does not matter after you have chosen your wedding package. After that everything has to match your style and desires for the day.

Having the initial meet and going through the different styles, make-up ideas, talking about the venue, and using inside and outside space through the day will give you a massive boost of confidence in your wedding photographer, knowing the outcome will be what you want. Being relaxed once you are there is a significant step towards getting the best shoot.

Remember the best photography and videography comes naturally. Let your personalities come through where they are not always preconceived, set-up and arranged.

Lining up rows of people throughout the day and saying ‘SMILE’ does not get the best results. A wedding photographer will want to photograph the right amount you want of portrait family photos immediately after the ceremony and once those are done and out of the way, early then let the rest take care of itself.

When it comes to the venue, if it has already been booked, a local wedding photographer should take it upon themselves to check out the venue first – AND NOT ONLINE!

It’s good for the photographer and videographer to get a feel for the venue. Having met the couple, decided how the day will pan out and what they are looking to achieve, they need to see the space itself.

If inside and outside shots are to be taken, they need to consider the unpredictability of weather conditions. Therefore, a professional wedding photographer will look to set a plan A, which was already agreed on, and B and C, just-in-case. Preparation is everything for a dedicated photographer. It’s called ‘analysis of the use of space’. As the good news for you is they will explain all of this and work with you so you are fully aware of how the day is going to run weeks in advance. Now, that’s peace of mind on a wedding day!

On the day your photographer will be everywhere but no-where. Undemanding and trying to keep group photos to a minimum. It just makes the day runs smoother, fewer disruptions and catches people catching up, some of which may not have seen each other years. A good photography and videography team will look not to spoil those moments, simply capture them.


You will know almost immediately if you have booked the right photographer when you meet for the first time. If you end up sitting down and chatting like old friends, then you know things will go well on the day. Be open about the look and style you want. A wedding photographer is there to make your day memorable, not just collect a pay check. Remember, their portfolio depends on it too. Good luck and happy planning!

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