Wedding Trends to Follow in 2021

Wedding Trends to Follow in 2021 (Due to Covid)

Have you been trying to plan a wedding during the pandemic? Yes, it can be quite hard! As the world goes through a tough time, it isn’t that easy to plan one of the most important events of our life. This has brought us to the point where the whole idea of planning a wedding has taken a drastic shift.
Rather than thinking about elaborate events, couples are ready to go more intimate. 2021 is a year where we will try to adopt a new normal. Hence, it is important to know some of the wedding trends that will help plan a personal affair.
Keep reading to know how the dynamics of the wedding have taken a turn since last year.

Close-Knit Weddings

News about micro weddings has been going around in the media. More and more couples are opting for events with as few guests as possible. Rather than having thousands of people at the event, couples choose a select few that matter the most. This also lets the bride and groom concoct a highly personalised and memorable experience. Small weddings also comply with the pandemic rules laid down by the Government. The best part is the reduced cost, which helps the couple to save for a later event or spend more money on food.

Sending out E-invites

Apart from being sustainable, e-invites are a great way to make everyone happy. There are numerous software which helps couples to make their own personalised e-invites. People are also getting custom e-invites designed by renowned visual artists. These simple invites help you in letting people know about your special day right from home. Some couples have gone further and have created theme songs to go with their wedding.

Zoom Events

Did you ever think that weddings can go online? Maybe not, but online weddings have definitely turned into a new normal matter. Some people dream of having a big wedding, and the pandemic rules may not allow a huge crowd in wedding venues. Hence, the next best option is zoom weddings or live stream weddings. People worldwide can be a part of the event without needing to physically travel to the location. Couples can also go creative and send out small appreciation gifts to the attendees via courier.

Embracing Minimalism and Sustainability

The pandemic has taught us to be aware of our nature. This has given rise to couples adopting more toned events to celebrate their wedding day. These events can include sombre wedding themes. You can easily do away with a rustic and local outdoor event that includes fairy lights and a lot of flowers. Make things sustainable by choosing to work with local artists to support them. Couples are also opting for simpler wedding catering and choosing to have quality over quantity. It’s always better to have a wedding with the least amount of food wastage. Go the traditional route by including paper plates or banana leaf platters to minimise the use of plastics.

Add Fun to the Venue

An Indian wedding seeks to be a big event, but as it isn’t possible during this time, you can always opt to make it fun. Choosing a proper colour palette for the wedding is crucial, and couples are opting for something fun. Forget your preconceived notions about wedding trends, and instead try out fun, bright colours. Subdued retro colours like mustard and pink seem to work great. A couple can also follow this trend to their wedding attire, where they can choose to wear more muted colours. Also, pay more attention to quirky wedding decorations to transform the place and make it memorable. Also, think about bringing entertainment to the attendees. It can be through anything like a simple fun game or by hosting a small musical concert.

A Change in the Wedding Look

We know Indian brides for their elaborate looks, but there has been a shift in the concept. Rather than choosing to wear fancy wedding attires, brides are rooting for local and traditional sarees with a twist. Pastel and subdued colours seem to be the highlight of wedding fashion trends 2021. Brides are leaving aside the heavy bridal jewellery and pick up dainty pieces. Keep things minimal and let your personality shine during the wedding. Interestingly, one of the trends that have come up are in the form of the designer or personalised masks. Apart from wearing these special masks, couples can also gift guests with a mask that has the couple’s initials.

Appreciation to the Guests

As the list of attendees gets shorter, we get more aware of the people that are close to us. In these troubling times, it is necessary to show our love and appreciation to the people around us. Including a care package for the guests has come out as a wedding trend in 2021. A couple can formulate a goodie box that contains foods, COVID safety gears, and small gifts. They may also include a letter or card that shows their gratitude towards the person.

We have learnt a lot of things in the past year. Hence, 2021 allows us to do something new compared to the previous times. Couples have come up with ingenious ways of making their weddings a success, and you can do that too. Weddings during pandemic do not need to be dull, and we are sure that these wedding trends will help you plan an event. So, get creative and enjoy a magical start to your new life!

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