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Kerala Wedding Trends™ is a complete wedding guide, that provides the latest trends in Kerala marriages. It covers wedding photography, videography, jewellery, costumes, food, and all other major essentials of a wedding. Through this website, we aim to connect people with the best photographers, videographers, wedding centres, and jewellers of the time, in order to design your wedding in an unforgettable fashion. Please take a moment to visit our gallery to view the latest videos, pictures, and designs, trending in modern weddings.

It was in 2015 that we started this website. My friend was getting married and we searched the Internet for the popular wedding trends in Kerala. Unfortunately, we could find very few relevant links. And, this is when we thought that launching such a website would be helpful for a lot of people around us.
On this website, you can find the works sent by photographers, designers, wedding centres, jewellers, caters, and individuals. Please note that we do not know these professionals personally and we stand as a third party.

Thanks Again! May God bless you to find your dream Partner.

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