Kerala Wedding

Wedding Invitation Ideas

10+ Wedding Invitation Ideas + Writing Tips

“I choose to be with you,to hold on to you and never let loose.I know affection because I know you,I have direction because you always lead me through.Ecstatic to start this journey with you,Our forever begins today, and without further ado,My response I do!” Weddings are unique and magical. The …

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How to shoot Successful Pre-wedding video

How to shoot Successful Pre-wedding video ?

If you want to make your pre-wedding shoot memorable, you can capture your memories with an amazing pre-wedding video. Here are some tips, you must know to shoot Successful Pre-wedding video Pre-wedding shoots have turned into a huge rage amongst couples. Millennial couples do their very best to create their …

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Wedding Photographers in Kerala

Top 3 Wedding Photographers in Kerala

Kerala is the most popular wedding destinations in India. Kerala known as Gods own country is famous for its scenic beauty. Beaches, backwaters, grasslands, coconut trees and greenery has make something special for everyone. Kerala has variety of cultures and religions. Every religion and culture has their own special functions …

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Wedding Photographer

How To Select Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding images are now going through certain modifications and making it a fanciful profession. You have umpteen wide variety of selections while looking for top wedding photographers Delhi today. But there are several factors you need to be careful about before hiring a wedding photographer. Here is a guideline that …

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How to take good photos

How to take good photos of the wedding?

Have you ever seen some excellent wedding photo books and wondered how the photographer managed to pull off those outstanding images? It does take skill to get beautiful shots. If someone is shooting weddings, they are probably a professional photographer. However, there is no reason you can not take some …

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Be noticed at your Bestie's Wedding

Be noticed at your Bestie’s Wedding

My friend had something to say at my wedding and that was: “I still can’t get used to the fact that you are getting married. It’s insane. But it is the beginning of a brand new chapter of your life, full of adventures and everlasting love. I’m so proud of …

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