Most Essential Bridal Jewellery For Indian Woman

Dressing up and appearing great on the day holds a high priority for any bride as well as jewellery forms an important role of it.  Of course, we are all well known along with the traditional wedding jewellery parts. However, did you familiar a nath or else nose ring is traditionally, a sign of the bride’s virginity?  In fact, all piece of jewellery where bride wears represent something culturally or else traditionally.   Below is some of the major essential bridal jewellery for an Indian Woman on their special day.


If myth is to be supposed, evil spirits could enter the body throughout its openings.  Ornaments were said to protect. Hence, aside from their acupuncture advantages, for a new bride, earrings were thought to function such as protector against evil.


The wedding ring, worn on the middle finger of the left hand is a precious ornament. An ancient Romans thought that the vein in where finger runs straightforwardly to the heart.


It is a traditional part worn across the ankles, which meant to proclaim arrival of the new bride in her husband’s house along with its tinkling inspiring sound.

Bangles & Bajuband

Traditionally, glass bangles represent a charm of security and also fortune a married woma’s husband. The colour & designs of the bangles differ in various regions.  In the Bengal, the mother in law gifts her daughter in law an iron bangle that is commonly plated along with gold.   North Indian bride wear a chooda set of an ivory and red bangles and south India, green bangles signify prosperity and fertility.


 A seductive ornament, Kamarband is a wonderful belt which includes grace to the bride. The ornament is developed in an approach which permits you to include a bunch of keys, hence, symptomatic of assumption of authority on the bride’s new home.


Necklaces are neckpiece where a bride wears on her wedding day. This neckpiece is commonly made up of gold along with heavy as well as intricate design on them.  The neckpieces are a mangalsutra that is groom will put across her neck at the time of marriage event.  The wife after wears it as longer as she or else her husband is alive as a symbol of their love and dedicated to one other.

Toe rings

It is a very small metal band worn on the toes of women.  They are a traditional sign of marriage, especially in the Southern India and also commonly made up of an ornately decorated silvers as well as worn in the pairs on the second toe of the both foot of women.

Maang Tikka

This stunning hairstyle accessory is held through a hook at the middle part of the hair, and the pendant falls on the middle of the forehead. The position where it felt is hold to be the ajana chakra, which is the Sanskrit word and meaning of this world is “ to know or perceive”.  In addition, the chakra is symbolized by 2 petals signifying the holy union of both male and female on the spiritual, emotional and also physical stages.


Thus, wearing a nath is an old age custom. The nose piercing is said to have acupuncture advantages.   In addition, an Ayurveda claims where women those who have their nose pierced on the left side undergo lower menstrual pain and also easier childbirth. It is also commonly went to represent a bride virginity where it is hope that woman is no long a virgin once her groom get off her nath on the wedding nighttime.

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