Kerala Wedding

Wedding Preparations

Backyard Wedding Preparations

So you have a large enough home, with a large enough yard for a wedding and you’re doing it! And why shouldn’t you? My personal opinion is that opting for outdoing every wedding ceremony that you’ve ever seen by having a beach wedding is somewhat forcing it and usually ends …

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An enchanted forest

Most unique places to say “I do”

In recent years, weddings with very interesting themes, that are far from traditional, have been very popular. Great attention to detail can also be seen in wedding venues. If you’re set on doing something special on your wedding day that would make it memorable for everyone present and not just …

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Keralite Wedding Traditions

Interesting Keralite Wedding Traditions

The Keralite or Malayalee wedding truly reflects the beauty and simplicity of the great state of Kerala and its good people. The Keralite wedding is special and interesting for it’s simple and fuss free rituals. The Keralite wedding isn’t long drawn out however its simple rituals are deeply symbolic. In …

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Vegan Wedding

How to Throw a Vegan Wedding ?

Throwing a wedding is supposed to be a joyous event, but what is merry for you often turns out to be sorrowful for someone else. In order to throw a traditional wedding, one must have blood of dozens of animals on their hands. Furthermore, they must also live of the …

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Bridal Shower

One Gift to Rule the Bridal Shower

Many consider picking a gift for the bridal shower to be one of the most challenging tasks. Aside from wanting to get the most original and amazing gift ever, you also want to leave the bride speechless. Nevertheless, the best way to think of a good present is to get …

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