5 Must-Have Wedding Accessories for Women

A wedding is the happiest moment of a bride’s life. And, wedding shopping is the craziest part that a bride likes. A woman wants to look perfect on this day. From dressing to makeup and jewelry to shoes, she wants everything best.

Although a bride can increase her wedding accessories list as much as she wants following are the must-have wedding accessories to buy for the wedding day.

Wedding Jewelry

No doubt your engagement ring on the bride’s finger is the most beautiful jewelry that she already has. But, a bride looks incomplete without jewelry. As she wants to look like the most beautiful girl on that day so, jewelry can increase her beauty a lot.

List of Must-have Wedding Jewelry Accessories

Following are the wedding jewelry items that a bride should have.


The Wedding ring/band is an important part of a wedding. You can choose your classic wedding ring/band from various designs, metal choice, stone choice & many more.


It is considered the easiest jewelry article that is ever used by humans. A necklace is a must-have part of wedding jewelry in every culture in the world. Anyhow, some like heavy necklaces while some like simple.


You have chosen your wedding dressing and now it’s time to pick the matching earrings. While choosing earrings for the bride, avoid selecting a large chandelier style. A stud or pearl with classical style looks best.


You can choose a modern bracelet such as a bangle bracelet, Bud Cuff, diamond, or gems at end caps and link bracelets.


A tiara is worn by loyal families or was used in the past. Its trending is coming back again. It increases the beauty of the bride so; consider wearing it at your wedding.

Check out more tips on how to choose wedding jewelry.

Bridal Makeup

Makeup is another important part of wedding accessories. Women have a craze of makeup even on their regular days so, how they can ignore it on the most special event of their life.

There are different makeup styles such as classical makeup for those who like simplicity. Some brides prefer romantic wedding makeup by using pink eyeshades or using a colorful lens.

Here are the most popular makeup ideas for 2021:

  • Gradient Look with Ombre Eye shadow
  • Contoured Look
  • Distinguished Eyes
  • Sheer Face With Thin Eyeliner

Choose bridal makeup style wisely as it is going to impact your dress and other accessories.

Bridal Shoes

As a bride, you have to choose shoes that keep you comfortable. If you are not used to wearing heals then do not try them on the most important day of your life. You have to choose a pair that does not hurt you and keep your feet relaxed. Do not compromise on comfort over style and keep in mind that every person will notice if you will have uncomforting feelings due to your shoes.

Hair Accessories

A hairstyle highlights the personality and increases your beauty and of course, a woman wants to look like the most charming girl on her wedding day. You have lots of choices for your hair along with the different bridal styles. Depending on your choice, you may like a veil, a crystal comb, hair clips, or a halo and sash bridal head band.

Hair accessories have lots of choices and it up to you what you pick. Anyhow, match it with your personality. Bridal makeup also matters while choosing different accessories.

Bridal Veil

A bridal veil is the last important accessory on our list. It is a symbol of modesty. Almost all the traditions follow the veil tradition. Anyhow, in some traditions, a long veil is used and some used a small veil that can just cover the face known as a blusher.

In majority traditions, a white veil is used with the white wedding dress. Some traditions also use colorful veils where the brides wear a red wedding dress instead of white. It is mainly Asian culture.

There are lots of styles for bridal veils such as:

  • Birdcage wedding veil
  • Royal veil
  • Elbow-length veil
  • Blusher veil
  • Ballet length veil
  • Fingertip length veil
  • Chapel length veil
  • Cathedral length veil

Final Words

Above were the 5 most important wedding accessories for women. Anyhow, the wedding accessories list is still not complete (at least for you). Every woman has her desires and plans for her wedding day. You may also have a dressing and beauty plan so, the additional accessories are up to you.

In some extra accessories, I would like to include undergarments. Bridals undergarments are available in attractive styles but you have to keep comfort in mind. Comfort should be preferred over style & design during wedding shopping.

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