10+ Wedding Invitation Ideas + Writing Tips

Wedding Invitation Ideas
“I choose to be with you,
to hold on to you and never let loose.
I know affection because I know you,
I have direction because you always lead me through.
Ecstatic to start this journey with you,
Our forever begins today, and without further ado,
My response I do!”

Weddings are unique and magical. The day you become one with the love of your life forever. You get to commit to the love of your life, with your friends and family to share the moment. It demands time, funds, energy, and creativity in planning. Since it is an extraordinary event that happens once in a lifetime, you want it seamless and as close to perfection as it can get. Every detail is sifted through to ensure that it works out well. One preparatory step that holds many other plans together is a wedding invitation.

Your wedding invitation gives your guests a sneak peek into your big day. It is a perfect way of expressing your unique personality without sacrificing elegance. You can use your wedding as a springboard for coining your wedding theme or even its colors. There are many things to consider when designing your wedding card, and being creative and adding your touch to it would make it more fun. Here are some tips that will make your wedding invitation card a hit.

1. Early preparation

It would help if you got the card appropriately designed and distributed early so that you can get responses from guests early enough. That will help you adequately prepare for those that would show up.

2. Budget

As you begin to pick out color, design, and paper type, the price starts to add up. The most cost-effective method of creating and printing your wedding invitation is through digital platforms. Digital design platforms such as Template Monkey is budget-friendly as it does not involve manual mixing of ink. It is even more effective because you have so many options to choose from. The designs are already made, so you don’t have to worry about disappointment, especially when printing many invites. Remember, think, and plan how much you are willing to spend and ensure to stay within the budget.

3. Style

Your wedding is about you and what personalities you want to portray to your guests. It should give your invitees an idea or feel of how your wedding would be. What theme are you adopting? Casual, modern, formal, or elegant? Your wedding invitation should incorporate these features.

4. Size

Don’t be close-minded when selecting the size of your wedding invitation. Experiment with different shapes and sizes. The envelope of the invite should be slightly bigger than the card itself. That ensures that nothing is too big or too small to fit. Also, bigger, bulky cards cost more for postage than the regular 4.5 by 6.25 inches invitation card.

5. Colour/Patterns

With the help of a digital design platform, this should be easy. Your wedding invites and e-vites should match your wedding color choices. Make sure to use complementary colors. You shouldn’t combine colors that don’t sync or blend. Consider these combinations:

  • Purple with Green
  • Pink with Orange
  • Green with Red
  • Red with Pink

These colors just don’t work together and are never appealing to the eyes. Also, if you are not printing in monochrome,  the invite’s texts must contrast the background. Colors like red or purple on pink paper would be difficult to read. Keep that in mind when selecting your colors.

Also, you can incorporate photography into your designs or select unique patterns that are in line with your wedding colors and themes.

6. Legibility

Make sure your fonts and writing are legible enough for all your guests to read. In the bid to be creative, you should also be considerate. Your font and background color should be different. Your typeface should be clear. You should check out a copy of the finished work before demanding bulk printing.

7. Accuracy

Your wedding invitation should be accurate and extremely precise. It should only contain the necessary information, that is, information about the wedding day.  Any extra information can go on the wedding website. Every text on your wedding invitation should be clean and organized. From your “save the date” to the wedding invitation to your “thank you” card (if you want), ensure that the design is consistent. You should use one designer/designing platform and printer for all. Apart from ensuring consistency, you can earn a discount.


Now that you have a plan for the design of your wedding invitation, you’ll need to know what to write on the card. Below is an outline of what should ideally make it to a wedding invitation:

8. The hosts 

The names of the hosts should be appropriately written with brevity. The bride’s family usually comes first, but you can decide to write the hosts’ names as you please.

The request for your guests: It can be formal: “request the honor of your presence at…” or casual: “celebrate with us as…”

9. The names of the couple

 The bride’s name usually comes first. But for same-sex couples, the names can be outlined alphabetically.

10. Location 

You should include an exact address of the venue, including the city, so it would be easy for the guests to locate it.

11.Date and Time

You can stick to merely putting the date and time in numerics or write it out in full. Any approach you choose, ensure it is appropriately written and bold enough for people to see.

12.Details for the reception 

Your guests should know the reception venue and what time it will start.

13. Dress code

Couples sometimes choose color codes, usually those that match the wedding theme. Whichever code you choose, you should include it in your invitation to inform your guests before the event.

14. RSVP Details

You should include the RSVP contact information in the wedding invitation so that the hosts would know the number of guests they are expecting. One of the essential pieces of the wedding invitation is the deadline for RSVPs. This information should be given to the guests early, and the response should be received at least four weeks before the wedding.

Wedding planning generally involves consistent brainstorming and improvisation. But it can be a lot of fun too – choosing unique designs that reflect your personality and depict the part of you that you want to show your invitees should not be frustrating. For wedding invitations, these tips should guide you and make the decision process much more manageable. The first place to start is checking out digitally created designs and samples. With that, you can breathe and enjoy every moment of it.  Happy planning! 

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