Wedding Silk Sarees for Bride

Must-Have Wedding Silk Sarees for Bride

Wedding is one of the most auspicious and memorable days in the life of the individuals getting married. Every individual who is getting married have a lot of expectations on their wedding day. Among the many, one of the most vital considerations for the day of weeding is the dress particularly the females. Each religion has different culture and tradition of marriage where the same goes for the dresses as well. It has been observed that silk sarees are most common as the wedding sarees. This is the reason as to why every bride plans to have some or the other designer sarees especially made of silk has more preference. The wedding silk sarees are basically timeless and form an essential part of the bride’s kit. Sarees are the type of outfit that never ever goes out of fashion. Additionally, the wearing of sarees becomes better with age and hence it is not only for the wedding day but for a long term. So, at this point of time, we have a prepared a list of must-have wedding sarees of silk for the bride which is as follows.

Banarasi Silk
The Banarasi silk sarees are crafted from some of the finest silk that is hand spun. These sarees originated in the city of Banaras in Uttar Pradesh and hence their name. The designs of these sarees have a Mughal influence which is clear from the intricate work. The presence of heavy zari borders with small designs throughout the body of the sari is its speciality. Most importantly, the Banarasi silks have a wide variety of designs among which some are contemporary and some are modern. This is the ultimate reason as to why the Banarasi silks are a mandate in the collection of designer sarees for a bride.

Kanchipuram Silk
The Kanchipuram silk sarees are certainly the most gorgeous of the lot than one can find for the bride. The name of these sarees come from their place of origin. They are traditionally manufactured in a small town of Tamil Nadu called Kanchipuram. Kanchipuram sarees have a unique temple border and temple designs which are available in colours as well as contrasts that are quite vibrant. These sarees come with big and small gold zari borders. Both the borders and the silk are available in some of the most striking colours which has the ability to stand out in the crowd.

Patola Silk
Another of the very common wedding sarees is the Patola silk. The Kanchipuram silk and the Banarasi silk are considered to be of more traditional type of silk sarees for wedding. But on the other hand, there is nothing more striking as compared to the Patola silk. The Patola silk comes with geometric designs along with vibrant colours there making these sarees quite distinctive. They originated in a town of Gujarat called Patan and with the passage of time, the Patola silks have graduated to the contemporary designs which suits almost all occasion and not only wedding. Most importantly, these designer sarees are very bright and lightweight that look extremely stylish as well as chic.

Sambalpuri Silk
The Sambalpuri silk sarees for wedding come from the town of Sambalpur in the eastern state of Odisha. These designer sarees are crafted from hand spun silk which have dark coloured borders as compared to the colour of the body of the saree. A traditional Sambalpuri silk usually has the shades of dark blue, maroon or orange with small flowers spread throughout the body of the saree. The pallu of the sareescome with geometric designs and it is same as the border’s shade. The Sambalpuri silk ranges from lightweight sarees to heavyweight ones that have designs of images of temples of Odisha or images of elephants.

Paithani Silk
The Paithani silk sareesare traditional to the state of Maharashtra. These designer sarees of silk usually are available in the muted shades of green, red and blue. The borders of the sarees are always contrasting to the colour in the rest of the body. These sarees have zari embroidery and the art of these wedding sarees are influenced from the art of the Ajanta & Ellora caves of Maharashtra. The designs of these sarees have a setting in nature where a lot of flowers, birds and other components of nature are used making it a must-have for the bride.

Muga Silk
Another veteran in the collection of the bride is the Muga silk which is one of the most expensive and exquisite silk sarees from the state of Assam. The signature of these sarees is a golden yellow border because of the type of silk used for its manufacturing. The total saree is hand embroidered with the help of vibrantly coloured silk threads and are of geometric designs. Intensive labour is required fore the crafting of these designer sarees and hence expensive. The pallu of the saree is very heavy because of a lot of embroider and designs therefore one of the perfect among all of the wedding sarees.

So, now when you have the list of must-have wedding silk sarees for bride handy with you, you should not face any trouble or difficulty to choose the silk sarees or the designer sarees for wedding purposes.

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