Top 2017 Hairstyle

Look Amazing for Your Wedding with These Top 2017 Hairstyle and Makeup Looks

Weddings are all about being the most beautiful bride ever, and outdoing your friends a little bit. In order to be the prettiest one, you’re going to need to stay in touch with the latest trends. Make sure you focus on expressing your natural beauty and a glow of happiness; otherwise, you might seem like a runaway bride.

Let Your Hair Flow
These days, being chill and loose about things counts more than being stuck up and tied to tradition, especially if we are talking about your wedding. This means that you can finally let your hair down, and look your best. Going for a laid-back bridal look? Then you have already found your hairstyle, now make sure to find the wedding dress of your dreams to match it.

Look Your Best
Tackling makeup can be a girl’s worst nightmare, especially with the expectation to look stunning on your big day (but thing’s just aren’t going your way). Luckily, the no-makeup makeup can help you out, as it’ll help you achieve a fantastic look without sweating it too much (no, not literally sweating). Make no mistake, this makeup session will require a bit of expertise; otherwise, you’ll look like you just woke up. Not a look you should go for.

Give Your Hair Elegance
Depending on where your reception will be held, it might be a good idea to explore hairstyles that are more on the posh side. After all, you want to look your part, and what better way to start with then your hair. Women tend to avoid braids as they often mismatch their wedding ideas but, once you understand the subtle elegance of how to braid your hair, you will realise how much you’ve missed out. Just remember to keep it simple; otherwise, it could turn into trouble.

Lipstick or Gloss?
One of the toughest decisions for a girl to make is whether she’ll wear her gorgeous lipstick or lip gloss? Be very careful when selecting your lipstick because even the slightest accident while in your wedding dress could ruin it forever. Gloss, on the other hand, is easier to apply and you will be more free to drink and eat your delicious wedding cake. Still, know that either of the two choices could end up being a faux pas if you’re not careful with colour and texture.

Make Your Cheeks Stand Out
Obviously, you’ll be blushing naturally once you are at the altar, saying your vows… Ah, love! To give yourself a fresh look that’ll compliment your fabulous attire and your wonderful mood, be sure to apply the right amount of makeup on the cheeks and look like a blossoming rose. A fine blend of your natural complexion and the right blush will do.

Add a Hair Necklace
As a bride, you are the most important character in your wedding, and you want to give the wedding videography something spectacular to show, don’t you? Add ornaments to your hair, fabulous elements like a simple hair necklace or silver mini flowers for drama. You’ll look phenomenal!

A wedding is truly beautiful only when the bride feels gorgeous. Being aware of the upcoming trends in the next year wedding fashion will help you plan everything ahead. A piece of advice, though – don’t go overboard with finding the perfect look; instead, go with what feels most natural and makes you feel amazing. After all, being happy, comfortable and saying “I do” to the man of your dreams is what counts the most, right?


Article by : Diana, mom of two beautiful girls and a great beauty and fashion lover.

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