Bridal Hairstyles of Kerala

Get To Know About the Popular Bridal Hairstyles of Kerala

People come across each other and forget however only some people are fated to stay together in their life throughout. Only some relations except blood relations stay with another human being for the lifetime. One of the sanctified bonds that tie the knot of togetherness for lifelong between a woman and a man, is marriage. Marriages in India are celebrated with great excitement. As India is a multi-cultural land, the manners in which weddings in various religions are carried out also differ. The customs and beliefs of people vary according to the religion and community they belong to. Wedding ceremonies typically vary according to the place the couple live in and also the religion that they follow. One of the destinations in Kerala, where weddings take place with great holiness and sanctity is Kerala.

Kerala weddings consist of several auspicious moments. These days, weddings in Kerala are the mix of both traditional as well as contemporary feel that makes up the whole process of wedding a magnificent one. As brides in Kerala tend to get very minimalistic wedding attires and make up, it is no surprise that their hairstyles are almost similar. However they are extremely gorgeous and bring an overall charm to the wedding look of the bride. Let’s check out some of the common hairstyles that brides in Kerala are adorned with in the following discussion.

Twisted Bun and Curls

For those who are having thick hair, they can consider going for this highly elegant yet simple hairstyle that involves a bun and also curls draped across your shoulders. When you don’t have thick hair you can go for hair extensions that will do the trick. Leave 3 inches of hair from the base and curl the rest. Then, just twist the sections of top into a bun and get the rest of the hairs flowing. This style also includes a bang that is swept at the side. This style can also be accessorized with hair pin for floral making.

Wavy Pony Featuring Accessories

Tuck the hair at the back of your ears while you put on floral accessory to flaunt the complete beauty. This very simple yet appealing hairstyle goes well with the simple white wedding dress normally used in Kerala weddings.

The Crown Look and The Notch Bun

This is a particular style that takes a little bit of effort however worth trying it out. You will need a couple of bumpits to have this style. The bun that you make must have a retro appearance to it with bumpit that is inserted into it. This must be tucked out from side soft twists that the bud is made of. Then a crown of hair should be added on the top. Also include a veil with pins at back and you don’t need to cover the full head as it gets fixed perfectly alongside the lines of bun.

Accessorized Hair

This is one of the more simple hair styles preferred by Kerala brides. It necessitates no particular hair styles since it is the simple and regular hair style that is topped with different gold or floral accessories. This perfectly goes with straight hair, hence your hair should be straighten first when you want to pull off this look.

Veil Look

The veil is an essential hair accessory for brides in Kerala so it appears great with veil that stuck below it. Bumpits can be used to enlarge the volume of bun

Long Curls

A curly hairstyle is a better way to ensure that your bridal look is pleasing. Have full length modern curls done on your hair. The curl length can differ based on the look you want to get as well as the thickness of your hair.

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