Find Out About the Latest Kerala Wedding Trends of 2017

When it comes to Kerala bridal fashion, the trends tend to change every year extensively. Last year, the traditional designs blended properly with bright sparkling hues and modern cuts. However this year, desi bridal fashion is going to become the greatest fashion statement for the Kerala brides. If you take some inspiration from the very latest bridal fashion trends of Kerala, you can able to come up with better fashion forward appearance. It is no doubt that the year 2017 is about to be the year of embellishments for gorgeous and beautiful brides. Intricate designing elements and amazing details like stones, beads, mirrors, crystals, metallic thread, golden lace, etc. contribute a greater part in making bridal attire trendy and attractive.

Latest Kerala Wedding Trends of 2017

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Latest Kerala Wedding Trends of 2017

The most ideal feature of a Kerala bride is her wedding outfit. While it is the standard for brides to wear yellow or red on their wedding day in many parts of the country, the Kerala bride tends to wear white. White silk saree featuring golden border is the highly favorable attire. It is because Kerala has more population of Christians and they also prefer wearing white on their wedding day. Muslim and Hindu brides would still wear bright colored sarees. A Christian bride would wear a white saree and combine it with veil or she would prefer for white gown. Muslim bride can either wear lehenga or a sari or mix it up with heavily worked dupatta that is pinned on her head.
When it comes to bridal jewelry fashion, the Kerala bride is decorated in gold. Whatever the religion the bride is belonged to, it is one feature that is the same. Gold is normally preferred over diamond or some other precious stones. The bride normally wears more gold and the amount of gold worn by the bride is regarded to be the reflection of the prosperity of bride’s family. The bride normally wears necklaces of different lengths and the shortest being a chocker necklace enclosing her neck and the longest one reaching till her waist. On her ears, she will wear chunky jhumka or earring with some modern design. Kerala bride also wears more bangles to adorn her hands and also a gold waist chain for cinching her waist.
The most preferred bridal hairstyle is typically braid for Muslim or Hindu bride and a bun for Christian bride. A lot of flowers and a tikka on her forehead will complete her look. Christian brides wear a veil and tiara as hair adornments. When it comes to bridal makeup, the Kerala bride tends to wear minimal makeup. They also apply heavy makeup with vibrant colors. The Kerala bride strives on achieving a subtle glow during her wedding occasion. The mostly preferred colors include gold and shades of pink to acquire a dewy and glowing look. The eye makeup is not fully dramatic. The highlight is on allowing the bride’s natural beauty to show through, with less makeup to simply improve her features. With her grand jewelry and minimalist makeup, the Kerala bride is really an interesting paradox.

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