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New Trends in Wedding Invitations – Chat Invitations

People really take their weddings seriously. And why shouldn’t they? Weddings are some of the most important days in our lives. They are when we make a lifetime commitment to another person.

TARS understand this and made a simple proposition for you : Chat based invitations will make weddings a more memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Chat invitations for Weddings? What are you talking about?

Chat can be used in the context of weddings in two ways.

1. Make sharing photos and videos easier

Couples usually share pictures, venue details, addresses, dates over WhatsApp to their friends and family. Why not automate this process?

2. Alternative to Paper Invites

At its most basic level, chat is a way to communicate information from one person to another. So are invites. Why not use automated chat based invite systems for weddings.

Why use chat?

Ok so, both of these reasons are well and good. But why should you use this? WhatsApp and paper invites already work and a chat invite is just a gimmick.

Well, here are three compelling reasons chat based invites make sense:

1. Automation

For those who send pictures and info about their wedding over chat, the process of doing so can be messy. Think about it. You have to open up each chat. Attach the images you want to send and then send them. Doing this over and over again, while you are planning for your wedding is not something that you want to. You have enough stress on your plate organizing a whole wedding. Why not automate such a mundane task?

This is where the chatbot comes into the picture. We will create an automated chatbot, and create a shareable link that can easily be shared across all social media without a hassle.

Planning a wedding is stressful. Why not make it a bit easier so that when the day finally comes, you can enjoy it that much more?

2. Engagement

Chat is simply more engaging than static content. If someone sends you an e-invite, you are expected to read through it and find the info you need yourself.

With Chat, we give readers information bit by bit as they ask for it so that they retain that information better. Providing it to them in a conversational interface also gives them the familiarity of popular apps that they use on a daily basis like messenger and WhatsApp making them more likely to read on.

3. Uniqueness

The final benefit that chat offers is uniqueness. Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable and not just for themselves. People want guests to remember their weddings. Drones, elephants, horses, cars. Thailand, Hong Kong, Mauritius people do crazy things to make their weddings stand out. Chatbots do just this. The idea of using chatbots or automated chat flows is new. Up till now we have only thought of chat as a way to communicate with one and other.

Send a wedding chatbot to somebody and they will remember it. No actually, they won’t just remember it, they will want it.

Sample 1 :

Sample 2 :

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