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Common Makeup Mistakes You Want to Avoid on Your Wedding Day

Nothing can make you as beautiful as the love and happiness you feel and radiate. This is definitely one of the main reasons why brides look like true fairy tale princesses on their wedding day. Of course, hair, makeup and the gorgeous gown are there to make things even more magical. But, it’s not uncommon for brides-to-be to get a bit carried away when it comes to the art of makeup. Sometimes, the desire to look astonishingly beautiful can cloud the judgement and make you go overboard with bridal makeup. But there’s really no reason to do that – highlighting your beautiful features and adding some glow is all you really need to leave everyone awestruck. So, what are the most common bridal makeup mistakes that you should keep in mind so that you don’t fall into the trap of making them?

Going for trends instead of timelessness
We can all get caught up in current trends, especially when it comes to makeup. But, timeless beauty is definitely the best look for your wedding day. While bright and bold eyeshadows, crazy lip colors and a ton of sparkly highlight may look absolutely amazing on Instagram and runways, these trends tend to look over the top on a bride – even more so when paired with a wedding dress. Not to mention that really bold and trendy makeup looks are mostly reserved for editorials – not for rocking them for the whole day when you’re supposed to say your faithful “I do”, mingle with the guests, and dance the night away.

Skipping the base phase
In order for your makeup to look great right when you apply it and even hours after, you need to make sure that your base is flawless. This means that you should always stick to a regular skin care routine that works for your skin type. This isn’t only essential in days before the wedding, but in general, as a healthy self-care habit. When your skin is healthy, makeup will sit on top of it a lot better and in a more flattering manner. Also, keep in mind that wearing foundation for the whole day without having it just melt or fade away from your face requires a proper primer. Neglecting to use one that would make your makeup long-lasting is definitely a mistake you want to avoid.

Using lip products that don’t work
It’s perfectly logical that you want your lips to be plump and gorgeous for your wedding day. But, the lips also leave plenty of room for makeup mistakes. For starters, avoid lip gloss. Shiny lips can end up looking strange on photos. On the other hand, you may also want to avoid overdrawing the lips and matte liquid lipsticks. These can look too harsh and if your lips aren’t in perfect condition already, they can end up dry and chapped. If you really want the appearance of fuller lips, a professional lip augmentation procedure that will fill your lips in the most natural way is a great solution. Add a juicy lip stain for your bridal makeup, and you’ll look gorgeous!

Getting too dramatic on the eyes
Heavy smokey eyeshadow may look stunning in person, but it definitely doesn’t photograph well. More importantly, not many people look their absolute best with dark eyeshadow and a bunch of black eyeliner. When it comes to your wedding look, it’s important to soften the look in your eyes and define them. Use the softer shades that complement your eye color the best. In general, browns, golds, pinks, purples and grays make for the go-to bridal eyeshadow palette, and you just need to find what works the best for you; without going too heavy handed with your brush!

Rocking too much highlighter
Highlighter seems to be everyone’s favorite makeup product. And, it definitely can make the whole look pop. But, in order to look like a breathtaking natural beauty you are, both in person and in photos, you need to go easy on the highlighter. For starters, choose an iridescent one that goes well with your skin’s undertone. Make sure that there are no sparkles or glitter in the product. What’s more, ladies like to apply highlighter on one too many points of the face. When it comes to your bridal look, forget about using a highlighter on your forehead and nose. Instead, stick with a gentle swipe on the cheekbones, cupid’s bow and under the brows.

You should always have fun with your wedding day, and that definitely include your makeup. But don’t embrace the trends if they’re not something you actually rock in your daily life. Most importantly, let your lovely features be the guide for the makeup, and not the other way around.

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