Wedding Attire of Keralite Brides

Get to Know About the Popular Choice of Wedding Attire of Keralite Brides

Weddings in kerala have always been occasions, where waves of splendor, opulence and majesty are a commonplace. Being filled by rich and lavish decorations, fashion and food is the special feature of such sort of joyous ceremonies. A significant part of assuring a successfully splendid Indian wedding is a radiant and a beautiful bride. It is the level of her sumptuous elegance, which decides whether the wedding event is a real triumph. Brides always desire for the most luxurious attires, however as always, the attires they have gone for have been inspired inevitably by the most famous trends at that moment. Brides now, not like those of last decades have higher willingness to try out and play with silhouettes, embroidery and unconventional colors. As a result of globalization, India’s incredible rich textiles, fabrics and colors have been integrated into western fashion and in the same way, western fashion’s highlight on figure-hugging, tighter silhouettes have blended into Indian fashion designs.

Common interest with Kerala brides

The common interest with almost all the new brides of Kerala is that they are very eager to choose wedding attire that enables them to stay comfortable on the grand day. Mixing up the conventional styles with western influences has turned out to be the most favorable idea of Kerala bridal wear. Kerala wedding saris are developed attractive with heavy designs, trendy colors, fabrics and embroideries. Sari, the popular traditional garment preferred by Indian women, has been the popular choice of attire in Kerala, ever since. In fact, even in different other regions of India, sari has been the only alternative regarded by the brides. Although the fashion has changed with the course of time, most of the brides prefer appearing in a sari during their special day. The grace and charm can be bestowed upon a woman, stays unparalleled by another piece of clothing and it is one of the major reasons why brides in India still opt for the attire.

Best choice of color of wedding saris in Kerala

Red colored sari has been considered as the traditional option for Indian brides, right from the times immemorial. The color is regarded to be most lucky and is believed to be related particularly with marriage. However, in the recent days, most brides also go for other colors in their saris. They include magenta, yellow, pink maroon, orange, and onion-color, golden, to even brown. They also prefer for the double toned ones, in combination with blue and pink, green and yellow, brown and green or yellow and red are also in demand for modern brides of this time.

Gold color is also the favorable color of wedding sari chosen by the Kerala brides. In an effort to stand apart, they prefer gold as the suitable option. However, gold color tends be an integral part of Hindu weddings through embroidery and jewelry on the wedding attires. Contemporary brides, who wish to keep the adornments less, prefer subtle shades of gold, such as pale yellow or pearl for an elegant yet attractive effect.

Kerala bridal wear created from a blend of red and green are highly popular among Hindu families. While the green color indicates growth and prosperity, it also signifies the color of henna that is applied on the hands of brides and also on their feet as a part of ritual.

Although brides in India are not typically advised to don in white color, grooms normally do. Particularly, in the southern part of India like Kerala, bridesmaid can also be seen wearing white saris and lehengas. Notably, it is the common practice among Christians that brides during their wedding wear white gowns.

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