Valuable Makeup Tips For Modern Kerala Brides

If you have attended any Kerala wedding, then you might have seen the brides dressed up elegantly and adorned themselves with a huge amount of wedding jewelries. In fact, Kerala weddings are highly recognized for the grand celebration of ceremonies. A specific amount of the budget will be allotted to purchase jewelries and sarees for brides. But the fact is that some brides may look horrific because of their terrible makeup sense. Even they are criticized for their awkward makeup on their wedding. They could be either boring or dull or too brash and loud. If you don’t want to be one among them, then it is pretty to follow the below given basic tips that could make you look as much pretty as a rose. The makeup you are applying should be in compliance with your attire so that you will not go wrong.

Modern Kerala Brides

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Modern Kerala Brides

Don’t dress up like a rainbow
If you have chosen a lehenga or a typical saree in the combination of green, golden or maroon, it is not necessary to put on the makeup in the same colors on your face. Just imagine when your eye shadow, lip color, blushes and hair accessories are in the same colors. It will definitely give you a disastrous look ever. Think different to get the best look possible.
Focus On Your Eyes
It is really the best bet to dress up your eyes. You need to choose the color matching your attire or even variations of the same also work out. If you follow this, you will never go wrong with your eye makeup. Regardless of the makeup what you have been applying for the rest of the face applying the right makeup makes other things to be perfect.
Cover Your Lips
A Kerala bride means a lot of attractive and bright colors. This requires choosing the lip color matching with the color of your wedding outfit. Of course, you need to match with the color of the lower part of the saree so that it works beautifully and sensibly. Go with colors such as bright pink, fuchsia or red which lets you to ensure uniformity with the entire outfit.
Say no-no
When it comes to choosing the lip colors, you should say no –no to some tricky colors such as saffron or orange. If your wedding outfit contains these colors, you should never choose these lip colors as it would make you look terrible. Instead, you can go with some other color from the outfit and match it accordingly.
Evergreen Red
It is a well known fact that red looks good anytime, anyone and anywhere. You should choose at least one type of red for single lady. Whether you wear a blood red or cherry red lehenga, you need to find the matching lip shade to look stunning.
Go In A Different Path
Introducing a new color in your makeup will definitely do wonder. It would be too adventurous for the wedding but even the pink lips with peach or maroon lips on the fuchsia sari would add the little spunkiness. You should not be predictable and need to try something new.
Always Go With The Best
If you have chosen your wedding outfit in multicolor, then just choose one or two colors which are in compliance with your skin tone for your eyes and lips. It is better to go with light shades for your eyes and highlight it with mascara and eyeliner. This definitely looks great for you and makes you feel confidence and skill.
If you have all these tips in your mind while applying cosmetics and make up, you will never go wrong.

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