5 Beautiful Wedding Hairdos

The wedding day is among the best days of any individual’s life. Every person wants to make this day a very memorable and special of his/her life. So, for this thing, people try out every possible thing. Not only women but men also follow countless tips for looking best at the wedding. They consider every single thing that would provide them with the unique appearance.

Who does not want to become the centre of attraction on the wedding day? If we particularly talk about women, we would get huge creams, jewellery sets, and clothes for increasing the attractiveness. Along with skin, women also take care of their hair. They use countless straighteners, hair creams, and gels for acquiring the best type of hair styles. Kerala, an important state in India has its own tradition for women wedding. If you have gone to Kerala wedding, you must have seen unique look of the bride. Kerala Brides attire special kind of dresses and acquire the special type of hairstyles for the wedding occasion. Here are 5 beautiful wedding hairdos for Kerala brides:

The Front Puff

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1. The High Bun

This is one of the popular hairstyles for curly hair. If you have curls and scrunches, you can acquire this hairstyle within few minutes. You need to have more intensity for making these types of curls. For this hairdo, you should gather all your curly hair and tie it with a clip. Make sure that some strands are left untied. Actually, these are the strands responsible for enhancing the attractiveness of the bride.

2. The Pinned up Bun

Unlike the high bun, here women need to have smooth hair. However, some types of curls are also required for this hairstyle. Start the operation by making different strands of hair. Then, use a curler handy for creating curls. Finally, hold the front hair and form a tight bun from it. Tie the bun with a bobby clip or any other hair pin.

3. The Front Puff

This classic hairstyle can be easily made with various braids and buns. The combination of the braid with puff gives a unique look to Kerala brides. For this hair look, you should hold the front section of your hair. Then, you need to use a hair brush for increasing the volume of hair towards the front. Various types of Flowers such as Artemisia and Anemone on the back end of the hair provide a stunning look.

4. Loose Braid

This is an ideal hairstyle for thick and long hair. The combination of Kerala saree and loose braids provide a marvellous look. You can make this graceful hairstyle by purchasing a garland of white flowers and some hair pins. For this hairdo, you simple need to make braid and hang it on your shoulder. After clipping hair, attach the garland of white flowers on your glorious braid. Like foreigners, this hairstyle is best for Indian women also.

5. Long Plait

This is a very simple type of hairstyle. A woman with long and wavy hair can acquire this hairstyle in about 5 minutes. For long plait, a woman only needs to coin clips and several flowers. However, she can also do this hairdo by using bobby clips. Start the operation by making various braids. Then, use clips for adjusting braids. Last, wear beautiful flowers, and you are ready for the wedding event. This hairstyle is best for the woman with the moderate budget.


A bride wearing Kerala saree can definitely acquire attraction of everyone by acquiring wonderful hairstyles. You need to take few pins, curlers, hair brushes and creams for making graceful hairstyles. The particular strands of the high bun provide women a unique look. The front puff can be easily made on different buns and braids. These hairstyles work better for all shaped brides.


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