Kerala Wedding Hairstyles

Different Types Of Kerala Wedding Hairstyles For Beautiful Brides

India can be defined as the collection of the best ethnicities, tribes and cultures. When it comes to religious and ethnic groups, India varies a lot but it emphasizes on the unity and binds the entire country together. South Indian Culture has been flourishing constantly and is binding to the roots with the conventional get up. In this article, you will learn about different bridal hairstyles of Kerala wedding.

Different Types of Kerala Bridal Hairstyles:

Plain Jane For Medium Hair:

If excessive hairstyle is not your choice, then you can opt for the elegant yet simple plain jane hairstyle. All you need is to just tie the hair and knotting a low bun. Of course, you can use simple chic accessories to enrich the elegance of your hair style to spice up the look. You have to wear big ear ornament to match with this.

Traditional Hairstyle For Long Hair:

The traditional printed sari along with the thick braid and big ornamental piece that adorn the whole length of the hair makes you gorgeous on your special day. You must use appropriate ornaments to add a touch to the look of elegance and grace of the braid style. It is also the must to add heavy jewelry piece to your neck and ear.

Modern Esque Hairstyle:

If going for a traditional or long braid hairstyle is not your choice, here comes another modern approach to your wedding look. Now, the hairstyle is a simple bun while the center is unfolding into a puff or bouffant to add chicness to the look. The front locks are twisted and pinned at the back to obtain a tidy look.

Flower Galore Hairstyle:

This is another popular hairstyle among Kerala brides. Flowers will definitely add a grace and touch to the look. Moreover, it is important during Kerala wedding. This is the major reason for using flowers to decorate the wedding scene. If you choose to have this hairstyle for your Kerala wedding, you should have a big set of flowers at the top of the hairstyle whilst letting the braid hanging low.

Kerala Bun With Rose:

This Kerala wedding hairstyle for bride also makes use of a soft flower core for creating an ideal wedding look. But the flowers used for this hairstyle is very compact and take the form of peach coral roses for underlining the bun from its downside. Of course, the bun will be a little bit larger that best suits the wedding attire of the bride.

French Ponytail:

This is another most preferred Kerala wedding hairstyle for the brides. By making some slight changes in the typical hairstyle will definitely add little spice to your wedding look. Rather than the usual bun or braid, you must opt for the traditional French braid with a small pony. You can either use flowers or small ornaments to accessorize your look. Small beads would go better with French pony tail.

Ornamental Hairstyle:

Ornamental Kerala Bridal hairstyle literally speaks about the traditional hairstyle of South India. To get this hairstyle achieved, you may need a hair extension of wig to make a huge bun and then add long braid at the back, below the crown. You should heavily ornament the hairstyle with accessories and flowers.

Fishtail Hairstyles:

Fishtail hairstyle is a new kind of hairstyle popular among Kerala brides this wedding season. Apart from a typical braid, you will see some changes in this hairstyle. You should start knitting your hair to obtain a fishtail like look. Now, you can add accessories to adorn the hairstyle with a little passion.

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