Wedding Day Plans

Wedding Day Plans – What to Put on Your Schedule

Planning for your big day may seem overwhelming at first but having a schedule to go by will make everything easier. With the right planning, your wedding day can be just as perfect in reality as it is in your imagination. Here, you will find several pertinent events that every bride should plan for.

Hair and Makeup
Getting ready is probably the most important step to start your wedding day with. Your bridesmaids should be at your side while this is happening and as soon as your hair and makeup are done, they should get in line for theirs. Take this time to eat a light snack but remember that you still need to fit into that dress. After everyone is dressed up, make sure to have the photographer take some nice pictures before things get too hectic.

Arrival to the Venue
The groom, best man and ushers should be at the venue ahead of time to welcome the guests, followed by the bridesmaids and finally the bride and her father. The guests should all be seated and ready before the processional music starts, after which it’s your turn to steal the show.

Depending on the time of your wedding, you will have a breakfast, dinner or light refreshments for the reception. Be sure that your photographer is on top of things so that you can have formal post-ceremony pictures before the drinks start setting in. If you want to save money, consider taking a taxi cab after your reception instead of a brand new car. Some companies, like Yellow Cab, know how important it is to arrive at the hotel safely after your reception. Taking the time to make sure this happens should be part of your wedding day plans.

Several people will want to toast the lovely couple, so make sure that everyone has a chance to say their piece. Making time for this important part of the celebration can make people feel more included.

The Cake
No wedding is complete without a delicious cake so be sure to dedicate some time to cutting one. Wedding cakes can be expensive, so use any and all resources to find an affordable option.

First Dance
Again, this is another one of those picture perfect moments that your photographer needs to capture. Don’t be too preoccupied about that, however, and let loose. You’re a married woman now. Let that soak in.

Hopefully this has helped you in creating a lovely schedule of your own, if you plan on having one. Although it is important to have a schedule, don’t become a stickler and worry about every little thing going as planned. Relax and soak in your wedding day. After all, it’s a milestone event.

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