An enchanted forest

Most unique places to say “I do”

In recent years, weddings with very interesting themes, that are far from traditional, have been very popular. Great attention to detail can also be seen in wedding venues. If you’re set on doing something special on your wedding day that would make it memorable for everyone present and not just you and your future spouse, definitely check some of the unconventional but cool places you can get married at, that would hold a lot of meaning for you as a couple.

The place where you two met
There can be some restrictions when it comes to getting married at the place you and your loved one met. Still, if you have set your eyes on each other for the first time in a park, club, library, restaurant, school, workplace and similar, you can try to have your wedding reception there. Of course, if both of you love this idea, make sure to enquire about the possibility of holding a wedding reception there, necessary permits and fees, to ensure that you can celebrate your special day at your special place.

A castle wedding
There aren’t many places that can be more romantic than a fairy tale castle setting. If there is a well-preserved old castle near you, why not make it a place where you will tie the knot? Apart from the romantic feel, castles are beautiful and mysterious, which makes them a perfect choice for those who love history and medieval atmosphere. Castles are also the perfect place to incorporate the King and Queen theme.

An enchanted forest
Getting married in the middle of the forest is perfect for people who love nature and folklore. With adequate decor, you can make your forest wedding look like a scene from a fairy tale. If you enjoy mythology, the bride’s gown can be nymph-like and the decor can be in a similar fashion. On the other hand, if you simply adore the nature and the outdoors, and find the night sky above the treetops the most beautiful sight in the world, you can make the most out of the nature theme regarding the season of the year.

A pirate wedding
If you and your loved one adore the sea, the notion of pirates and rum, getting married on a pirate ship can be a perfect option for your wedding ceremony. Even if there’s no pirate ship attraction in your area, you can easily decorate the place in this fashion as long as you make sure that your wedding will be held on a ship. Moreover, this kind of theme and place allow for some fun games and activities during the wedding.

A sky high wedding
Who says that wedding venues have to be restricted to the ground only? You don’t have to be a fan of Jules Verne in order to book an air-balloon for your wedding ceremony. Getting married in midair, inside of a colourful balloon, while surrounded with blue skies and soft clouds, is definitely one of the most unique and fun places to promise yourself to one another for the rest of your lives. What’s more, approximately 12 people can fit into one basket so you can have your closest friends and family members together with you during this unforgettable experience.

Don’t be afraid to try out something special on your wedding day. While traditional weddings and venues might seem like the easiest solution, there are so many other options that can turn this already wonderful day into something completely magical. Talk to your partner about some unique wedding places and make sure you start planning in advance, so that you have time to tend to every little task or unforeseen difficulty.

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