Wedding Planning Tips

10 Effective Wedding Planning Tips

The wedding is not all about the dress of bride and groom, venue and management. You have to plan the meal, register a venue, and organize yourself but what’s next ?

Here are the 10 extra wedding tips:

1. Don’t afraid to ask questions and doubts to the vendors

You are spending a big sum on the wedding. You should ask the vendors about everything. You must describe your needs in a brief manner to them. You can ask their suggestions for excellent decoration and management. They are offering services to you; you should utilize their experience and resources effectively.

2. Wait for a date

It is better to wait for the right time. Waiting works very fine while finalizing the deal, you can save up to 25%. Booking a venue before 5-6 months will not offer any profit, you should book it before a month or two for discounts. If you want to save more on weddings then arrange the wedding on a regular day instead on weekends.

3. Prepare for rejection

Only 75-80% guests attend the wedding party. So, plan you wedding by keeping these things in mind. Some guests will not attend the party due to wedding destination or time events on the wedding day. It may possible that 100% guests will appear in your wedding ceremony. So, be prepare for rejection.

4. Kid’s policy

It is you who will decide whether it will be an open party or adult party. If you are welcoming kids then you can take child care services. Child care services take care of kids at reception garden or hall and hotel rooms.

5. Prioritize your people

It is necessary to set priority for your guests. So, you can serve better services to them. Keep your important people, friends and family member in the top priority. Make a separate list for your cousins, uncles, parent’s friends etc in another list.

6. Take it one step a time

You are planning a wedding ceremony. You have to take every step with great care. Don’t go fast. Take one by one step for efficient and effective work. It will reduce the risk of mistakes. Once you will decide the wedding date, hire the vendors. Hire the band after finalizing the venue.

7. Release rooms

You should take this step immediately after deciding the wedding date. Ask hotels for room availability and discounts. You can compare the quotes of different hotels and finalize the best one. Numerous hotels offer wedding blocks on discounted rates. You can release unreserved rooms a month prior to the wedding. Don’t take services of those hotels that demands penalty for room cancelation. Why you will pay for extra rooms, you are not utilizing it?

8. Manage the mails

You need to send invitation cards via posts in different corners of the country. You will need stamps for this purpose. The local post office can’t fulfill your needs. You must order the stamps online to save your time and money. Always weigh the invitation card and papers before sending. Ask the stationer for extra postage for odd-shaped envelopes.

9. Provide accurate driving directions

Many times it is seen that online maps don’t give accurate results. So, you must provide detailed information about the venue to your guests. You can use the services of your ceremony site. You can ask them to provide printouts for driving directions. They offer free printouts, test it.

10. Keep a paper trail

Always do paperwork while dealing with a vendor. Don’t believe on his words, always do paperwork. You will be on the safe side.

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