Make Your Honeymoon More Memorable and Romantic

Tips To Make Your Honeymoon Romantic And Fantastic

The honeymoon is “the traveled solo par excellence”. According to studies, over 90% of newlyweds like to go for honeymoon after marriage. The stage after wedding is honeymoon period. The honeymoon has to be short, perfect and memorable.

Honeymoon cannot be planned at the last minute. You must have to think about it in advance. Perfect honeymoon is what you make it according to your tastes, your desires, your whims. But most of the people don’t know how to make more romantic in honeymoon trip.

Here are some ideas to make your honeymoon perfect

Visit Exciting Places

Visit adventure travel destinations, larger horizons, and nights under the stars. Watching sunrise together might sound stereotypical seem like boring and laid-back, but this could be fun. Try to get up early, to catch the first sight of the sunrise together. Watching the sunrise together brings in a sense of new beginning for the newlyweds.  When an activity that appeals to you most, don’t forget to share a kiss

Luxury and Comfort

Luxury infrastructure is an essential element in honeymoon journey, but comfort is above all. Music is an important element to make the evening even more romantic. Some close dancing with romantic music will do wonders for you.

Some Silly Stuff

Your honeymoon is a special occasion for you and your partner, so you need not be so serious and conscious about anything especially the bedroom talk. Do some stimulating bedroom games. Have a pillow fight, act silly, chase each other around, etc. It will make you more casual and comfortable with each other.

Forbidden Desires

You are far away from your home, the one you are going to love forever is in your arms, so how about making some forbidden moments? Try out some things that you can never do at home. Talk about fantasies of each other and try them out.

Surprising Moments

Place several small gifts in the room throughout your honeymoon to give some unexpected moments to your partner. They don’t need to be lavish to make a grand impact, nor should they be just “normal”. Think about a box of exotic chocolates, some special clothes, or anything your partner will like to use for…whatever you see fit.

Be Candid

Capturing some candid moment with your partner will be fun. Click some shots when you are eating, sleeping or laughing. These pictures will make some perfect memories to cherish forever.

Some Adrenaline Rush

Participate in some adrenaline rush creating activities. Go for safe activities like bungee jumping, paragliding, scuba diving, etc. You can also try some simple, adventurous stuff such as biking, trekking, river rafting, etc. This will also help your partner to see how supportive and caring you are.

Marriage doesn’t mean that you have to be together all the time, But the bond between both of you is more important. Just enjoy each other’s company, give some necessary space to each other.

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