Essential Accessories for an Indian Groom

Essential Accessories for an Indian Groom on Wedding Day

The splendor as well as grandeur of an Indian wedding is exclusive. It is a day while you build a promise for life with thosesaat-pheras.

On memorable day, you have to make sure that you not only harmonize your bride-to-be in making those lifetime promise, but also when it comes to your look as well as appearance. Yes all dearest grooms, you have to take additional care to look eye-catching on your particular day. And, for that you require to invest in a number of fashionable accessories as well. These traditional as well as stylish accessories will not only improve your overall appearance, but also emphasize your sophistication as well as charisma. So, here we bring to you a list of important accessories that every Indian groom must have.

The Kalgi or Sarpech

A kalgi boosts the attractiveness of the pagdi or turban. This ornamented piece looks alike to a brooch but is worn on the turban. You can also go for feathered ones. Many prefer to go for pearl or metal with semi-precious ornate stone kalgis.

The nice Dupatta

It is a stretched scarf that has bobbles at the ends. This piece is mostly worn with sherwani. A dupatta in a different color is worn with the special wedding dress sherwani to complete the appearance. It is easy to carry as well as it is an inevitable part of sherwani.

The Haar

The haar or neckpiece brings a customary significance for a lot of Indian grooms, as much as it is a style statement. You can decide to either wear a particular cord of big pearls with a semi-precious stone ornament, or go for the latest layered pearl look.

The Pocket Square

A pocket square emphasizes the beauty of a sherwani in a lot of ways. You can match it with your in general attire or go for a different shade so that it stands out as well as grasps attention. It will look nice with your sherwani or suit, and it is sure to turn heads.

The Jutti as well as Shoes

A conventional jutti or mojari with a stunning affluent sherwani completes the look for the groom-to-be. A pair of comfortable as well as leather shoes can be a perfect match. Shoes not including lace look much fashionable as well as are easier. You can go for the lace shoes too, if you are okay with the idea. The only thing that matters here is to look elegant.

Nice Cuff links

Cuff links is an important accessory and you can even join up cuff-links with your sherwani. An eye-catching pair of cuff links in a number of classy shades or metal increases the sumptuousness of the tuxedo you are wearing. So, for your particular occasion choose an overwhelming piece and get prepared to polish.

The Watch

One trendier accessory a groom can affix to his look is the watch. It converse regarding your style as well as sophistication. A startling watch add to your look as well as makes you stand out.

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