Honeymoon Tips For 2021

Honeymoon Tips For 2021

Hello, lovebirds! So finally the impact of Covid has lessened and you want to travel with your better half for the honeymoon. Though it might seem like a very easy and happy romcom there are a few tips to keep in mind while you are travelling, so that both you and your partner can be safe, sound and filled with romance through the journey!


Both you and your partner must be involved in the planning. First have your preferences sit straight whether you want to have this travel along a beach, forests, mountains or snow or desert. Explore options of travel on the internet and also check if they are allowing travel at the moment. Make a decision that fits both the people’s interests.

Prepare A Checklist

  • A checklist will contain different perspectives depending on whether your trip is domestic or international. It must contain:
  • Research and take suggestions from people you know have visited the place and from travel agencies.
  • Fix a budget for your honeymoon
  • Apply for visa and passports in case it is an international trip.
  • Book your flights and hotels in time.
  • Shop for necessary items.
  • Hand over a leave letter request to your office or company.
  • Keep safe your visa, tickets, hotel confirmation, Ids. Carry a photocopy of these items.
  • Check out for any discounts available.
  • Carry all your required medications.

Gather Information

Gather information from travel agencies about what is the best time and season to visit the particular place you guys have decided to visit. Talk about the main tourist attractions in the place and get to know about how to avoid scammers.
Very helpful advice is to take advice from people who have recently been travelling for their honeymoon or holidays. Learn from their mistakes because first-hand experience tips always go a long way!

Budget Planning

Fix a budget for your honeymoon trip so you don’t have to cry about your expenses. Look for better and cheaper options in terms of hotels and restaurants. Do not be too tight with the budget as you never know what extra expenses can pop otherwise. Your budget for the honeymoon must include flight or train expenses for the round trip, hotel expenses, meals, entry fees for several parks, local transports and miscellaneous like shopping and paragliding perhaps!

Compare And Confirm

When it comes to online bookings the number of options you get might be overwhelming. Therefore it is best to compare the facilities and price and a lot of research goes into that. You must also check about how far your hotel is from the locations that you actually want to visit. It is best to call and confirm them about the price and how you are supposed to pay. Also, ask them if they are availing any discounts at the moment.

Know The Place

By the time you reach your destination, you must know what you are heading for and how you are going to spend your days. Once again on the internet look for the popular tourist attractions of your destination. Also, look for the best time to visit and the weather conditions of the place. Look out for famous things and adventures to participate in.

Quality Time

  • Do not spend all time just travelling outdoors because Afterall, it is your honeymoon!
  • Make sure you get to spend some quality time with each other and not get too tired about all your adventures.
  • Do check out the weather conditions before you depart on the day’s tour so you know when to carry that umbrella.
  • Also plan ahead how you want to spend this day and what are the things that you would love to do for fun.
  • For international trips, it is highly important to exchange your local currency in dollars. Also, remember to carry your cards wherever you go.
  • Make sure you pack according to the required baggage weight specifications to avoid unnecessary complications.

Packing Tips

  • Need essential items for travel checklist? Here it goes:
  • A small backpack or handbag to carry all your tickets, reservations, Ids, visas, passports.
  • Photocopy of all the documents you are carrying
  • Medications
  • An insect repellent
  • Mobile charger, camera, headphones, power bank, speakers, etc.
  • Sunglasses
  • Makeup essentials
  • A pair of flip-flops and a pair of heels
  • Necessary snacks
  • Pads or tampons
  • Skincare essentials
  • Masks and Hand sanitizer
  • Brushes and shaving gels

A Surprise For Your Special One

Make your honeymoon unforgettable by planning a surprise for your soulmate. You can contact your hotel agencies or take help from honeymoon planners to execute your perfect plan into an even beautiful reality. Make him/her feel special by a candle-lit dinner by the beach or by a beautiful dance in the sunset. Let them love you a little more!

Call And Know

Online reviews and pictures can be a great help when planning, but it might sometimes lead you in the wrong direction. Trusting online reviews blindly can be quite misleading and therefore it is always better to call and confirm the people concerned about certain facilities that you like and if they are available for the time being.

Hire A Travel Agent

Travel agencies are of great help if you are confused about what to do and where to go. They shall plan and execute everything perfectly for you so you do not need to sweat yourself. But if there are certain things that you would like otherwise, specify it to them so it can be taken care of.

Go For The Unknown

Go for the destinations that are less explored and all the way beautiful. This helps you in travelling to lesser-known places and collect memories that very few might! Also less famous destinations provide you with travel packages at a much cheaper rate than the exotic holiday destinations.
All set and ready to go? We are sure your love is going to blossom further after this honeymoon. Gear Up!

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