Tips For Kerala Brides To Choose The Right Lipstick Color For Their Wedding

Wedding day is the most crucial occasion for any woman in India. On this special day, she wants to look splendor like a diva. As a bride-to-be, you need to look your best at several ceremonies, parties, events, pre wedding ceremonies, get together, etc. So, apart from concentrating on the outfits, you should be cautious about your makeup as well. When it comes to makeover, two things are given maximum importance- one is lipstick and another one is eye makeup. In this article, let us see some of the best shades of lipsticks that must store in your makeup kit.

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Harmony Núdè
If you want to apply lipstick but don’t want to highlight your lips, then you can choose the lipstick in sexy núdè shade. This is certainly the perfect color for all the brides-to-be. Some women have the habit of applying dark color lipstick and wiping it off to get the núdè shade. This is exactly not the right way to get the right shade for your lips. Similar to foundation, the lipstick in nude shades are available in different hues such as ivory, honey, beige, sheer, etc. You will also find the one in glossy, matte and shimmery finish matching your outfit. If you are serious about keeping your lips núdè, then it the perfect time to play with eye makeup.
Appealing Pink
Whether you are looking for a lipstick for engagement, wedding or cocktail party, you will never go wrong with the pretty shades of pink color. Lipsticks in pink colors are available in different shades and hues to choose from. You have baby pink or hot pink based on the color of your outfit. If you have a warm skin tone, take time to try out different shades of pink lipstick before the wedding to determine the appropriate one that goes well with your skin tone and outfit as well. If your wedding outfit is in hot pink color, choose baby pink lipstick or the lighter shades. Hot pink lipsticks go well with royal blue or turquoise outfit.
Cherry Red
Though it seems to be a common lipstick color, Cherry red is ideal for the brides wearing sarees on their wedding. Of course, this lipstick goes well with almost any Indian outfits regardless of its color and embellishments. Whether you are wearing sarees, lehengas or any other wedding attire, you can opt for this red color to get the perfect look. It is highly suggested to choose the moisturizing lipstick in cherry red color to avoid cracked and shabby look. To avoid over-doing, you should keep other makeup subtle and minimal.
Sexy Plum Color
If this sexy plum color is your choice, then you can easily maintain the subtle and bold look in the mean time. When you choose to apply lipstick of this color, go with simple eye makeup. Deep shading your lips with this lipstick gives you a sexy look that suits any outfit. However, it goes well with grandeur wedding sarees or indo-western wear.
Exciting Choco
This is one of the most popular lipstick colors preferred by a lot of celebrities. It is very important for the brides-to-be to have a lipstick in a playful choco color in their makeup kit. You can pair it up with all sorts of Indian and western wears as the choco brown shade takes the color of your lips. It won’t be contrasting too much and so, it can be flaunted with wedding gowns, sarees or lehengas. You should opt for the glossy choco brown shades to enhance your look and beauty. If you choose this lip color, you have to focus a lot on your eye makeup.

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