Interracial Wedding

Tips for Planning an Interracial Wedding

Interracial weddings are beautiful; you see the blend of two different cultures with different ethnicities. You can make it the most memorable moment of life or it can also prove to be a nightmarish experience.

Interracial marriage is not just a collaboration and commitment between two people, it a fusion of two different cultures with different traditions, different food, and different living standard.

If you are reading this, that means you have been dating interracial and now found your true soul male in him/her and planning to get married. We will guide you through the challenges and some tips to follow in order to make your marriage a memorable moment for yourself and your family.

There is a huge difference between marrying someone within the same faith and marrying in a different cast. You need to maintain the perfect synergy between the guest and you are required to learn many things before you get hitched together.

Common Challenges That Need To Be Addressed

  • Fulfilling family’s expectation – every parent has some expectations for their kids and you will be no exception. Prepare yourself to be bombarded by tons of expectations of not just your family but your partner’s family as well.
  • Address different type of guests – addressing guests from two different traditions is not an easy task, you will be required to take care of their music taste, cuisine, etc.
  • Ego issues – When there is a fusion two different cultures, you should expect the collision of ego from both community people. Each one of them will be trying to prove themselves superior.
  • Conservative mindset – interracial marriages is not everyone’s cup of tea, prepare yourself to face the conservatism.
  • Traditional – you should be well aware of each other’s traditions and should be sensitive towards their traditional values.

Tips For Planning A Interracial Wedding

A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other. Till now you both refused to give up and you might also fought a long battle with this conservative society. Now its time to mark your marriage celebration as a success story and inspiration to others.


Yes, with the fusion of two cultures you both will be required to compromise with many traditional values. You might not like some of the cultural traditions but you have to maintain a united front and learn to compromise and cooperate with each other.


Many interracial marriages face this problem, you guys look different (especially your skin tone) and belong to the different community. You will be requiring an expert photographer who is capable of capturing every moment beautifully and with perfect synergy.

Cooperate (Maintain a united front)

Yes, you both did your pre-wedding planning well but there will be many instances when things won’t go according to the plan. There will be many conservative vultures on your guest list who will be pinpointing the wrongs about your choices. Maintaining a united front will be very much required in order to mark your wedding a success story.


Yes, you have been communicating since the first day you met but now you have to start communicating with different scenarios. Address every tough issue early, consult with each other’s parents and figure out their expectations.

You can’t please everyone

You need to develop a thick skin at many instances; you can’t fulfill everyone’s needs at the wedding. You should be expecting ego wars, conservative vulturism, and cultural issues. Learn to ignore.


Do your homework properly. Know what it takes to fuse into a different culture, what they like to eat, how things go in their traditional wedding, etc. Best way to do your research is to attend some weddings of your spouse’s tradition.

Understand the culture.

Understanding a culture is going to help you for a lifetime. Every culture has their own rules that you will be required to follow as well.

An interracial wedding can prove to be a difficult and tiring job. But you are sure about your love and plan properly then all the hard work will surely pay off.

You are planning for the biggest and most memorable day of your life, all your family members, and close friends will be present with you. Plane it well and maintain a perfect synergy.

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