Makeup Tips For Kerala Brides

Stunning Makeup Tips For Kerala Brides On Their Wedding Day

Every bride prefers looking the best on her wedding day as it is only on that day, she will be the center of attraction. It is extremely important for the bride to look radiant and pretty and so, it is important to prepare well in advance to look charming and gorgeous on the very big day. Here are some of the beauty tips that make the Kerala brides to get the desired look on their wedding.

Skin Care

Above all, having a glowing and radiant skin on the wedding day is very important for Kerala brides. So, you should start your skin care regiment at least six months before your wedding. It is better to approach a dermatologist to get your skin analyzed. Based on the result, you can opt for the right treatment and make up plan. Cleaning the face with the suitable cleaner is very important. Using makeup remover to remove makeover at the end of the day and using body moisturizer after bath are also other important considerations to make. If you want to exfoliate and tone your shoulders and back, you can go with back facial as well. With steam facial, you can enhance the complexion and get a glowing body easily. For skin care, there are several natural remedies available and so, you can get the simmering face without emptying your pocket.

Lip Care

As a bride, you never want to have chapped lips on the big day. If you want to stay away from this condition, you must consume lots and lots of water to stay hydrated. You can also use healing ointment on the dry lips to make it pouty and soft. While choosing the lipstick, you should not apply the dark shimmering colors. You can go with the color that suits your skin, overall make up and wedding attire.

Hair Care

When it comes to hair care, you must start grooming it at least 15 days ahead of the day. To get shinning hair naturally, you must drink lots and lots of water whilst increasing the consumption of food rich in vitamins. You can go with hair spa treatments such as aroma therapy, oil massage, hair steaming and other treatments. Hair spa helps in rejuvenating the lifeless and dull hair easily. If you have planned to get your hair colored, try to use only high quality products.

Make-Up Guide

First of all, you should wash the face and then use a light moisturizer for smoothing your skin. You can go with the lighter color shadow to conceal the areas around the nose and eyes. You have to apply it gently and blend it over the face as well as under the neck. You can use oil free foundation that lasts all through the day. It is better to go with a lighter color foundation but stay away from white. Kerala brides can opt for matte foundation as it will be more appropriate and gives a natural tone to the skin. To get an eventual look, you can use concealer to touch up the face. Eye makeup is very important as the entire look of the bride depends greatly on the attractiveness of her eyes. You can use brown tone eye shadow and white makeup for lifting the look. To highlight the eyes, you can use thin layer of white eyeliner. Then, give a stroke with black eyeliner to brighten up the eyes. You can use black mascara for highlighting the lashes. In order to highlight the eyebrows, you can use brown eyebrow pencil. Using high quality lipstick that matches your bridal dress is also very important to look stunning on your D-day.

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