Beauty Tips for Kerala Grooms

Excellent Beauty Tips for Kerala Grooms to Look Special On Their Wedding Day

Wedding is one of the most memorable and precious moments in every one’s life. It is quite natural for us to have a desire of looking the best on the special day. Not only brides, even the grooms bother a lot about their wedding appearance and prefer looking as amazing as the bride. Gone are those days when the brides have the attention of the guests at the wedding celebration while the grooms are ignored. This is true especially among Kerala Grooms who want to rock along with the bride and dress up fashionably whilst staying ahead of the trends. Here are some of the excellent beauty tips for Kerala grooms.

Hair Cut

To look gorgeous on the special day, you should not visit the regular barber to get haircut. Rather, you can consider visiting a decent salon where the professionals will be cutting your hair as per your facial features, personal style and hair texture. You must get your hair cut at least a week before your wedding so that there will be adequate time for the hair to grow into the shape. You should not try out a new hairstyle for your marriage. It is better to go with a timeless style. It is better to try out oil massages regularly to make the strands silky, shiny and lustrous. If you wish, you can use very light hair spray to let your hair stay in its place.


Even if you love growing moustache or beard, you look more attractive and handsome only if you are neatly shaved. Shave after baths and use the best quality cream and razor. You should be very cautious while shaving before wedding. You must shave your beard taking your hair cut into consideration. A small tip is that, dip a towel in the hot water, squeeze the water and place the towel on your face for a few minutes. Then you can apply shaving cream and then shave the hair with the best quality razor. You should be very careful in avoiding cuts and burns. You can approach a barber to get your beard shaved professionally.

Facial Care

If you want to look good and smart on your Kerala wedding, you should follow some cleansing routines. You should purchase a face wash after taking your skin type into consideration. Then you have to follow the four step regiment including exfoliating, moisturizing, toning and cleansing. You should have facial at least three to four days before your wedding. This helps rejuvenating the skin and alleviate dead skin cells, impurities, build up and dryness. To look more stunning, you can go for a chocolate, regular, fruit or gold facial.

Remove Excess Hair

If you have unwanted hair in the ear and nose on the special day, you should remove them before the special day. Cleaning up the brows especially if it is bushy is also highly recommended to look smart. You can approach a male beautician to get your eyebrows tamed to look natural. You can even tame the eyebrows yourself by combing and plucking the excess hair using a tweezer. If you want, you can apply gel, clear mascara or hairspray on the brows.


Getting manicured is extremely necessary for Kerala grooms who have the habit of nail biting. You can visit a salon and get manicured at least two days before the big day. However, it does not mean that you need to apply nail polish. The manicurist will be cutting, cleaning, filing and shaping your nails properly. The professional will also clean the skin to make your nails look shiny. The manicure even makes your hand gentle and soft.

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