Dress Options for Groom in Kerala

Spectacular Dress Options for Groom in Kerala to Choose From

Dresses for groom in Kerala are just as famous as the outfits for Brides. Kerala, the most popular Southern State is recognized for its pleasing attire options in the combination of gold and white. This trend goes for groom dresses in Kerala as well. From starched and crisp dhotis to attractive off-white kurtas featuring symbolic bold and gold zari adornments, the Keralite groom dress options have almost been unchanged for many centuries. However, with the rising significance of bridal fashion designers and as well with grooms showing no objection for experimentation, the groom dresses in Kerala now has emerged vastly. Check out the list of best groom dress ideas and designs for you.


Sherwani is the classic North Indian wedding attire. This outfit for groom is increasingly becoming a super favorite among the grooms all over the country and it is no exception for the striking grooms in Kerala. Featuring a wonderful silk sherwani on your wedding celebration is a definite way to grab the attention of the participants at the wedding venue and also to make the bride feel proud to stand near you as a lucky woman. Sherwani that is crafted in the classic rouge red will never move out of style; however they are the rage at present.

Striking Desi Dhoti

If there is one piece of clothing that you can opt to define all the Indian fashion design for men, the whole time during the history of Indian civilization, it is the Dhoti. It is a quintessential Indian sartorial option, which found its origin in tradition. Right from the great Mahatma to farmer who works with the land, it has been worn proudly by majority of the men and still enjoys significance. Thus, why not observe your Indian-ness in real style and choose for an excitingly traditional dhoti combined with a beautifully silk shirt for achieving ultimate cool Indian attire. This will surely be the most memorable and stunning kerala-themed wedding outfit for groom.

Groom dress in North Indian style

Modern times have seen the couture advancement to places that you would not have envisioned as even possible, however that has now been made more desirable. Reflecting the most modern yet grounded-in-tradition culture Malayali groom, contemporary wear is a more ideal take on the mixture of the conventional sherwani with components from Traditional wedding groom wear of Kerala. The eventual result is the most charming reflection of everything traditional and modern about the groom himself.

All white classic

The all white classic wedding attire for groom is one of the frequent and the popular options preferred in Kerala. As most of the times brides of Kerala wear wedding outfit in the combination of gold and white, it is a common practice that groom’s outfit is of white color so as to complement the bride’s attire. Moreover, white is simple yet elegant and attractive enough on groom.


This one might seem no brainer on most accounts. When it is time to look at your exact best on the most significant day in your life and on the occasion as significant, regal and grand as a wedding, what does a groom turn to? Of course, a suit! It is known that a man in a fit and crisp suit is as impressive to a lady in haute lingerie to a man. Comes out in a myriad of colors and styles, whether two or three piece or white or even navy blue, when you feel adventurous, suits are quite much an appropriate option for your wedding.

With this list, the huge options for wonderful Kerala groom wedding dress for you to check every bit the striking man you are on the most significant day of your life.

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