The Top Trends for Grooms in 2019

Picking out the perfect wedding attire is one of the most important decisions you need to make when you begin planning your big day. Whether you want a beach wedding at a gorgeous coast in Australia, or you’re maybe aiming for a rooftop shindig in New York, regardless of the location, you’ll want for you and your future spouse to look stunning. Therefore, make sure you’re keeping it trendy and in style, and check out what kind of suits you should be looking for in 2019.

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A classy three-piece
In 2019, you’ll see a lot of three-piece suits, and you should definitely think about wearing it for your wedding if you want to look dashing. It’s very important that the design is flawlessly fitted and impeccably tailored, for the suit to look like it was really meant for you to wear it. Eventually, you can decide to remove the jacket, and just stay in your vest and a dress shirt, if you feel too hot. Roll up the sleeves to get that relaxed, but cool and confident look.

Pop of colour
Vibrant hues are trending in 2019, and that is precisely what a fashionable groom wants in his wedding suit. From purple to ink blue and burgundy, there’s a vast choice of amazing colours that will make all the heads turn. Alternatively, if you’re maybe having a summer wedding, on some of Sydney’s gorgeous beaches, a bright suit would be the perfect choice for you. Light greys and soft beige are fantastic shades for the summer season, and the suit will be both comfortable and stylish.

The slim fit
Straight or tapered trouser legs are the next biggest hit in the world of men’s fashion. However, the slim fit doesn’t only apply to the bottoms but should be equally emphasized from the waist up, too. So, if you’re searching for the perfect fit, go with a slimmer jacket, to accentuate your chest and shoulders, making you look as masculine as ever. The slim fit will look equally fashionable on a beach wedding in Sydney, or on a vintage-inspired ceremony in the countryside. If you’re not sure you can find a perfectly fitted suit at a store, and you’re planning a wedding in the Land Down Under, look for custom tailored wedding suits in Sydney and have a tailor take your measurements for the suit so you can look just as perfect as your future spouse will. Just make sure you don’t pair the jacket and the trousers with a loose-fitting shirt because you need to look sharp.

Go outside of your comfort zone
Contrasting colours for your wedding attire would be a bold move, and if you want to be unique, you just as well should pick an outlandish combination of colours. A navy-blue jacket with patterned or light blue lapels would make the ultimate contrast to the jacket and a pair of navy-blue trousers. A vest in the matching colour with lapels, along with a white shirt and an orange tie, is something that will certainly create a stand-out-from-crowd look. A strong cohesive but also individual look is something you should always strive towards, and subtle differences in cloth and colour will offer you just that.

Final thoughts
The choice of an appropriate wedding suit is the groom’s biggest decision, which is why you should think it through very carefully. You want to look your best, but still stand out from the crowd, showing off your own sense of style. So, if you are not sure what type of suit to wear on your big day, just take a look at what’s trending at the moment. From classy three-piece suits to bright colours, fitted suits and outlandish combinations, one of those will certainly look like something you’ll find yourself the most comfortable and stylish in on your wedding day.

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