New Trends – Wear Jewellery On Your Back

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Wearing jewellery on the back of your blouse is not new – Mughal princesses and Rajputs did it quite often but this trend has come back with a bang and is totally ruling the wedding blouse & gowns right now.

Diamonds and gold jewellery can equally be used as back jewellery. Styles of back jewelry are just as varied as styles of necklaces. They can be as simple as a single chain with decorative dangle hanging down the back of the neck a few inches, or as dramatic as a multi-layered statement back necklace.

Back Jewellery for Weddings
Back jewellery can add a touch of unexpected elegance to your wedding ensemble – it’s especially beautiful when worn with up-dos and short hair styles. If you have an over-sized hair piece, it is best to keep the back jewelry simple.

Back jewellerywould look beautiful with strapless and plunging open back dresses.

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