9 Tips for Choosing Wedding Jewellery You’ll Fall For

If you like something on you, it’s definitely going to look good! For me, there are no rules when I think about style. However, I do not mean that you shouldn’t follow the tips and tricks tried by others as these tricks enable you to look pretty.

So, when it comes to picking your wedding jewellery, I’m telling you, you won’t even have the time to experiment. I can say this because I’ve gone through this. So, here’s a little guide for you to accessorizing your wedding dress, which came as handy to me for my D-day!

1. Keep it simple.

It’s a key step in choosing your wedding jewellery. In excitement, you might want to buy a lot of glittery ones. I know it’s too tempting, but do you want your ornaments to overshadow your wedding dress?

After all, you’ve bought a beautiful dress, and it doesn’t deserve to get outshined by too much jewellery. So, call out “less is more” and choose the adequate amount of pieces that are enough to decorate every part of your body.

2. Use detachable earrings and necklaces.

As we all know, wedding jewellery pieces are too heavy such that they aren’t used much after the wedding. So, I strongly advise you to wear jewellery which can be detached later if it’s not in frequent use.

3. Buy the ornaments that you like.

A decade of experience in this industry enables me to tell you that brides want the jewellery in which they look at their best. So, while choosing the jewellery, pick the pieces that you feel comfortable.

I’m not saying to ignore the opinions of your mother or your friends. But if their views do not match yours, then you don’t need to be compelled to wear that jewellery. This is because you aren’t going to use that jewellery on other occasions since you hadn’t preferred on the very first day.

4. Don’t forget about your hairstyle.

Before you proceed to buy a matching necklace and earrings set, you need to decide on your hairstyle. Whenever I take up the designing of ornaments, I always think of a hairstyle that would beautify the earrings on the face.

After picking a hairstyle, you need to visualize it, or you can even browse through the pictures of your selected hairstyle to get an idea what kind of earrings are paired with that look in the picture.

Another way is, you can try earrings with the hairstyle getting done and then bring up modifications accordingly.

5. Say NO to too many colors in your jewellery pieces.

It’s like sticking to a theme. Sometimes, getting a mix of everything makes it confusing and unpleasant view. It also makes the wedding look messy because it will distract the viewers from the overall beauty of your look, such as the wedding dress, your hairstyle, etc.

For example, ivory looks good with gold, since it enhances the look of the creamy tint.

6. Choose the nose ring wisely.

Wearing a nose ring in an Indian wedding is an integral part of the ceremony. I’ve seen several brides choosing a nose ring that matches their overall jewellery. However, I also recommend wearing a nose ring that matches the shape of your face to give a flawless look to your personality.

7. Bangles – How about getting it designed?

Pure gold bangles – too traditional
Studded bangles – A total yes!

When I say pure gold bangles, won’t it sound too simple for a wedding? But when I say diamond-studded bangles, then that’s something called for a wedding! Isn’t it?

Designer bangles studded with diamonds will give you an appealing look. It’s like going the extra mile to reach the level of elegance!

8. The wedding theme and the outfit should match.

If you have already decided on your wedding theme, then it becomes easier to shop for your jewellery. If you like the vintage accessories, pear your lace gown with pearl jewelr, it’s apt for a Fairytale Wedding theme. For themes like Royal, Rajasthani, and Lucknowi, you would not to miss a single opportunity to have a majestic look. For that, go for polki and heavy pieces.

But again, stick to rule number 1 – less is more. Too pack yourself up with too many heavy pieces.

9. Consider your budget.

Of course, jewellery comes with a price. So, why not go for timeless pieces? Also, it’s essential to plan your budget in a way that it should be spent on significant areas of your wedding prep.

So, if you long for diamond jewellery as you adore in the movies since your childhood, go for it. But try not to blow your budget and go overboard by buying pieces that you are not going to wear it more than once.

It’s your day. It’s going to come only once! So, it’s very important for you to enjoy it. If you are comfortable, you’ll have the best time of your life, and I hope these tips will help you to do that!

Happy shopping!

Author Bio:

Khushboo Shah is an avid jewellery designer and a fashion consultant at ZIVAR.in. She is also an enthusiastic reader and an animal lover. Sharing the latest fashion trends and uncovering unique style secrets keep her going.

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