Lab-Grown Diamonds

Why Choosing Lab-Grown Diamonds Is Becoming a Trend for Modern Weddings

Modern brides may find that planning their dream wedding can be a financial challenge because of the many expenses involved. Apart from the venue, catering, dresses, and suits, the wedding jewelry can also be quite an expensive part of the whole affair.

Luckily, if you are looking to save on your wedding accessories, you can do so by choosing lab-grown diamond jewelry. Read on to learn why these are the perfect choice for savvy couples and a trend observed in many weddings today.

What are lab-grown diamonds?

Contrary to what people say, lab-grown diamonds are true diamonds, just like the ones that are traditionally mined. They offer the same clarity, brilliance, and quality. They are also certified and graded by professional gemologists using similar processes and standards as mined diamonds. Their only difference from natural diamonds is where they came from. Instead of growing naturally on earth, they are grown inside a high-tech laboratory.

How are lab-grown diamonds created?

Experts believe that natural diamonds were formed between one and three billion years ago. The process happens miles beneath the surface of the earth, where the carbon dioxide is exposed to extreme pressure and heat. Pure carbon then squeezed in to form a diamond, which then migrated upward through deep volcanic explosions.

Inside the laboratory, this process is replicated using the following methods:

High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) – This method uses the carbon seeds from pre-existing diamonds and machinery to re-create an atmosphere with high pressure and extreme heat. The pure carbon around the starter seed melts and is cooled to yield a pure carbon diamond.

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) – This method begins with the HPHT-produced stone, which is placed inside a sealed chamber filled with carbon-rich gases heated to approximately 800 degrees Celsius. The gases are then ionized into a plasma to break down molecular bonds and slowly crystallize the diamond seed into a pure carbon diamond.
Once created, each lab-grown diamond undergoes a similar grading and certification process as traditionally mined diamonds. Though the specifics differ from one lab to another, most laboratories grade their stones based on the 4 Cs – cut, carat, color, and clarity.

Why choose lab-created diamonds for today’s weddings?

There are several reasons why savvy couples should choose lab-created diamonds today:

They are eco-friendly

Although most diamond mining companies today are implementing ways to reduce their environmental impact, mining will always take a toll on the environment as it requires plenty of energy. It can also cause deforestation, soil erosion, and ecosystem destruction. In fact, mining one carat of diamond entails disturbing an enormous amount of land and generating thousands of kilos of mineral waste.

On the contrary, laboratories only use less than 1/10th of square feet of earth and yield ½ kilo of mineral waste to create a lab-grown diamond.

Moreover, lab-grown diamonds are totally conflict-free. So if you choose to opt for lab-grown necklaces, earrings, and rings on your special day, you have 100% assurance that your pieces of jewelry are ethically sourced.

They are cost-efficient

Both lab-created and mined diamonds have similar costs in terms of cutting, polishing, and inspection. But the traditionally mined stones have a longer supply chain – from the miners to retailers.

On the other hand, lab-created diamonds skip the mining process. They need fewer touches, which makes them 10-40% less expensive than their mined counterparts.

That means the multi-carat diamond accessories you’ve been dreaming of wearing on your special day can be accessible – all thanks to lab-grown diamonds.

They are high-quality

When it comes to structural, chemical, and visual compositions, lab-created diamonds are identical to their mined counterparts. That is why they possess similar toughness, beauty, brilliance, and durability as natural diamonds that even expert gemologists can’t differentiate between the two with their naked eye. It is only under a microscope that one can determine if the stone is natural or lab-grown.

Besides the stunning white diamonds, there is also a wide range of fancy colored lab-created diamonds to choose from – something that is not quite possible with natural stones because they are extremely rare to find.

They are available online

Today, you can buy your engagement and wedding ring sets online with all the convenience and joy of the moment, without any sales hype and pressure.

But to ensure an excellent and satisfying purchase, here are things to look for in an online shop specializing in lab-grown diamonds:

Custom design service

A custom-designed piece of jewelry spells exclusivity. If you want to own or give something that is unique and has sentimental value, having it tailor-made is the best option.

How does it work?

First, give the store an outline of your requirements or the design you want. Then, diamond specialists will provide you with the design concept. Only after giving your approval will the specialists start creating your exclusive set of wedding jewelry.

Ring resizing and engraving

Despite looking into the shop’s size guide, you may end up buying a ring that is either tight or loose. Reputable shops allow for free resizing, provided that you return the item within a specific timeframe upon your purchase or the ring does not have any design issue.

Apart from resizing services, the shop you choose should also offer engraving at an affordable price. But take note that engraved rings can’t be exchanged or returned, so make sure to buy one with the right design and size.

Free shipping, returns, and exchanges

Save on the shipping cost by choosing shops offering free shipping and promising timely delivery of their products.
Consider the shop’s return or exchange policy as well. Reputable shops like LovBe offer free returns or exchanges if you’re not happy with your purchase, but only for specific pieces and within a specific number of days upon the receipt of the products. So make sure to look into the shop’s customer service guidelines.

Manufacturing warranty

You’ll know that a shop offers quality jewelry if they take pride in their workmanship by providing a free manufacturing warranty on all their products, along with complimentary return shipping for warrantied repairs.

Diamond upgrade

Reputable online retailers of lab-grown diamonds also offer free diamond upgrades to their customers. This means that you can exchange any loose diamond piece you bought from them for credit corresponding to the original price for a new diamond. But for your upgrade to be eligible, the item must be undamaged, in a saleable condition, and accompanied by its original documentation.

Inherently, lab-created diamonds are a much more eco-friendly and ethical alternative to their traditionally mined counterparts. They are the perfect choice if you want to save on your wedding but still look dazzling and sparkly. Just make sure to get it from a reputable online shop that does not only offer high-quality and affordable lab-created diamond necklaces, rings and more, but also has a platform to educate their customers to ensure a relaxed, more confident buying experience.

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