Asymmetrical Jewellery : The Top Trend of The Month

Jewellery gives its wearer ample opportunity to play around and create amazing styles. While some like to create their own, others prefer using styles of fashion influencers, celebrities, and style icons. There is also a section of jewellery lovers who religiously follow trends, this post relates to them.

Each month fashion magazines, bloggers and influencers draw out lists of the trending items. You may have already got all the juice on trending party wear. Now let us focus on jewellery.

According to fashion magazines and bloggers, this month, the jewellery trend is asymmetrical jewellery. Here is all you need to know about the different pieces you can wear under the category of this mix and match style.

Asymmetric Statement Necklace

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Asymmetrical Earrings

Asymmetrical earrings are all you need to give your little black dresses that extra bit of oomph. Stylish and trendy, asymmetrical earrings were the toast of the town at the recently concluded fashion weeks and the trend is expected to be huge in 2019.

Asymmetrical Rings with Gemstones

Gemstones are fabulous, stylish and trendy. When worn on asymmetrical rings they’re even more trendy. The in-look this season in asymmetrical rings with gemstones. The combination of mismatched shapes and sparkling gemstones give the ring a sophisticated look and add panache to your ensemble.

Asymmetrical Studded Earrings

Asymmetrical studded earrings are exquisite and enchanting. Whether you’re attending a wedding or meeting a friend for dinner, they’re the ideal accessory to give your outfit that added style. For the best look, go in for a stud earring with white pearls or beads.

Asymmetrical Hoop Earrings

The buzz from the fashion world around jewellery is that hoop earrings are the style to watch in 2019, particularly asymmetrical hoop earrings. They’re stylish, always in vogue and look amazing on any outfit and face shape. For the best look, go in for hoop earrings with asymmetrical shapes.

Asymmetrical Chain Links

For 2019, the fashion trend is likely to be big is in, and keeping with that trend asymmetrical chain links are likely to be in vogue. Chains in bulky silver and gold links are in thing to go with this season.

Asymmetric Statement Necklace

To make a bold fashion statement go with an asymmetric statement necklace. You would want to invest in a necklace that’s short and thick, it makes your necklace stand out and draws the attention up to your face.

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