Highlight Your Nails With Exotic Nail Art Designs On Your Wedding

Wedding day is likely to be the most important day in everyone’s life. So, everyone wants to look their best on this D-day. As a result of this, they will put a lot of effort and time to make sure everything is really perfect. If you are a bride-to-be, then you have several factors to take into consideration and they include perfect dress, perfect hairstyle, perfect jewelry, perfect footwear, perfect accessories and of course perfect nail designs. Most of the brides do not care about their nails and they just paint them at the last minute. However, it is very important to care about the nails as it makes your hands more beautiful when your partner holds your hands and put ring during wedding. Not to mention, your hands look stunning in the photos that you would be cherishing for years.

Exotic Nail Art Designs

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Exotic Nail Art Designs

All About Nail Art
Getting simple manicures are out of date. A new concept of designing nails with excellent nail art has been emerging these days. The choices available are plenty for Kerala brides, especially in choosing the preferred designs for a wide range of nail art patterns. So much of attention is paid to other aspects of bridal beauty but why you need to ignore the delicate nails. The eyes of your guest will not be just on your wedding outfit alone but everyone will be looking at your accessories as well. If you are really keen about making the perfect style statement, you just go with customized nail art. Here are some basic tips to come up with the right nail art for you.

Play With Colors
You just choose the prominent colors from your outfit and pick up two different hues for decorating your nails with your preferred choice of nail art. In case if you want to keep it simple, you just go with one color for the nails and another one for the cuticles. It is also a good idea to separate the nails diagonally and fill either with nail enamels in different colors.

Dab And Dazzle
The bridal makeup is all about glitter. So, it is really worth to make your nails to shine through. You can dab a small amount of glittering nail paint over the colored nail polish. Glittering nail paints are available in a wide range of shapes such as stars, diamonds and hearts. You can choose any of these shapes to add sparkling effect to your nail.

Ornament it
You can use pearls, crystals or beads to decorate your elegant nails. The nail art designs are surplus and it is all about your imagination. You need to pick up the motif from the wedding lehenga and replicate it on the nails. You must keep in your mind that you should not overdo it as it may look tacky.

Traditional Designs

It is better to go traditional. Specific motifs are quite common among Kerala weddings and they include lotus, peacock and paisley designs. You can use thin brush strokes to paint various versions of motifs on different nails. A unique nail art design adds chart to the nail art. However, you need to make sure that the motifs are painted precisely to give the right effect.

Highlight it
Nail art designs need some innovative thinking. But if you are out of idea, then just consider highlighting the ring finger. You can decorate the finger with better still or different colors and ornament it with unique stunning nail jewels. This helps you to create the best effect for your engagement ring. Make sure you have picked up the right design and glue it on to the nails.

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