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Since ages, women have been always entranced by the fact of beauty. Although there are several embellishments to improve the appeal and beauty of a woman, traditional Indian wear is unmatchable to nothing and sari is one among those traditional Indian wear. Saris have been adorned by most beautiful women and they are highly popular that even popular celebrities accentuate them at many international functions. Wedding is regarded as one of the most significant functions of any woman’s life. In the recent days, brides are curious about projecting a very confident image on their special day of wedding by a thorough and complete planning on their attire and other accessories they wear right from head to toe. When it comes to bridal attire, Kerala wedding attire instantly seeks attention for their appealing look, simplicity and sophisticated nature and several pleasing features. The bridal saree in Kerala is usually the highlight of any wedding event. It is due to this reason; brides are keen about choosing their clothing to look gorgeous.

Kerala Wedding Sari

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Kerala Wedding Sari

Features of Keralite Bridal Sari

While tying the auspicious knot, the tradition that most of the Keralite Christian brides follow is fantabulous. White is considered as the ethereal bridal color in Kerala, hence you will find a lot of white Christian wedding saris, unlike Northern part of India, where the Bridal attire is the blend of red, magenta, stark pink and in-between. As a matter of fact, the Christian wedding saris bring that unmistakable grace and elegance to the bride. The embellishments, fabrics and the style further emphasize the glam and beauty quotient. Though white bridal saris are considered as the ultimate for any bride in Kerala, the original magic actually unfolds if jasmine flowers are decorated in hair along with the traditional jewelry.

At the end of the day, it is only the simplicity of the sari, which makes the wedding sari collections appear stunning. When you prepare for the wedding day, you should approach a genuine boutique or trusted tailor for making your sari appear as a unique piece. And you should not miss out to focus on the blouse during your wedding preparations since you can make it appear regal with sequin work, motifs and custom embroidery. The two key features that make Keralite wedding saris steal the show is zari and textured silk. Various shades of gold come into plan during the Christian wedding sari designs. Light gold, especially, is a winner as it makes a simple sari appear astonishing when combines with a matching embroidered blouse, big gold earrings and jasmine flowers.

Stunning Designs and Colors on Kerala Wedding Sari

Silver zari featured on a silk sari is a nice option that can be taken into account. While you wear a silver zari, it offers you the chance to discover silver or platinum jewelry as a suitable bridal accessory. Among all the attention, which goes in choosing Kerala wedding saris, personalizing a sari also have to be checked into getting that stylish edge. To get that appeal, a simple silk sari in cream or gold shades and find custom embroidery or an amazing border stitched in from a fashion boutique. You can even consult a tailor for availing hidden tips prior to buying white Christian wedding saris. Hence, whether it is a gold, cream or white hued bridal silk sari, Christian wedding sari designs really make a fashion statement. While speaking about bridal gowns, they are of a single color traditionally and based on the culture, brides tend to wear ivory or white gowns. Keralite bride can greatly indulge in this pride, while experiencing a complete new dimension in wedding.

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