Kerala Wedding Tips

Kerala Wedding Tips

Wedding ceremony comes once in a life. Everyone wants to make it a lifetime memory. A successful wedding is the outcome of successful planning. So, here are the tips for expert wedding planning:

A guest comes first

It is necessary to prepare a list of guests before finalizing a wedding destination. It is necessary to have comfortable space for the guests on the occasion of wedding. A 5 m space per guest is a good idea. Always analyze the destination by including the tables, chairs, dance floor and band.

Investigate wedding blackout dates

Before deciding a marriage date, you should check for a public event in the town on that day. The public event may be a charity walk, political or business conference etc. A big event in the town on the wedding day can increase troubles in the form of non-available hotel rooms and traffic.

Check your credit

It is a good practice to use credit cards for payment. Many credit card companies offer discounts and rewards on the purchase. You can get rewards like shopping deals, air flight tickets etc. You should shop before 3-4 months from the wedding to collect more reward points. It can make your honeymoon traveling free.

Cut the list

There is the best way to cut the capital investment of wedding. You can invite selected guests. It will save your money. It will save your money and reduce the management efforts. Suppose a wedding cost ₹ 100 per guest and you have reduced the list by removing 10 persons. You will save ₹ 1000.

Make a meal plan

Always remember a thing to feed different food items for guests and vendors. Many people serve the same food for both guests and the vendors. You can save your extra money by feeding different food to the vendors. Reduce the number of items from the meals of the vendors.

Go organizationally focused

It is necessary to be organized to plan a successful wedding. Use a single email address to collect the records and also store the important contacts inside the mobile phones. Make a to-do list for every work and set them according to the day and time.

Tend to your bar

You will require bartenders to serve cocktails between the guests. It is a good practice to hire a bartender per 50 guests.

Pay it forward

It will be a good thing to take suggestions of vendors to hire another vendor. A wedding photographer will connect you to the best florists and a reception manager will give you a lead to the bands.

Listen to Nature

It is necessary to plan for the climatic condition before the wedding ceremony. Hot and cold both climates are responsible for early checkouts from the wedding ceremony. So, plan your wedding in the morning or in the evening as per the climatic condition.

Leave some room in your wallet

Planning a wedding needs financial management. Keep some money in your pockets after making a budget for reception, photographer, gifts, music, dance, ceremony, flowers etc. You can add the capital in any department whenever required.

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