Vintage Wedding Details

Vintage Wedding Details

Getting married is one of the few moments that we truly cherish forever and the day should really be perfect. For some couples, this means a quiet, small ceremony with just their closest friends and family, while for others it is a big party with hundreds of people. Some people will opt for a theme from their favorite book or movie, and more and more people are choosing to have a vintage style wedding. But, how can you make such a wedding?

Appropriate attire

Let’s start with the star of every wedding – the dress. For a vintage feel, steer clear from bright whites and go for muted whites, or light yellows. Try not to have a too revealing cut, and arrange for as many lace details as possible. For shoes, closed toe shoes are the best option to keep you in the right time setting, and jewelry should be appropriate to the time period you are replicating. For your bouquet, choose some simple flowers and just tie them together with a little twine. Keeping it simple will definitely ensure the vintage feel.
For the groom, there are a few tricks you can incorporate to make him look elegant, stylish and vintage, without sacrificing any comfort. When choosing materials, try to stick to tweed, houndstooth or plaid. If you are planning a wedding during warmer months, a waistcoat is a great alternative to a jacket. However, if it is going to be a bit colder, wear it under your jacket for extra warmth and looks. Other details include good shoes and bow ties.


When deciding on decoration, you have to think about your venue first. Having your wedding in a vintage looking place is the first step to a vintage wedding, so check out local farm houses, pubs and other venues you think might work. For details, choose a style – like steampunk or industrial – and stick to it. Don’t mix too many styles, because your wedding might end up looking like a hot mess. For the food, try to serve rustic finger-food or simple dishes made with high quality ingredients. Forget the paper napkins and go for the real deal and decorate the tables properly – simple flowers and candles will work great. As far as the wedding cake goes, for a true vintage feel, you can choose a “naked” wedding cake decorated with fresh flowers. Rest assured that it will be a showstopper. Create a table for gifts and place a little birdcage with papers next to it so that people can leave you sweet notes and wishes.


Hiring a band that will get you through the night with soothing sounds of jazz is always going to be a more vintage option than a DJ, but work with what you have and create a playlist that suits you. As for the grand getaway at the end of the day, you can browse wedding cars in Sydney and find a sweet Mustang, Rolls Royce or a classic limousine. Also, you can go all out and have a horse and carriage waiting for you. For other entertainment, hiring a vintage acrobatic troupe or someone who can perform some good old magic for a while is a great idea.

No matter what you choose to do for your wedding, it will most certainly be a day to remember. And the most important thing is to say your vows from heart, take a thousand of amazing photographs and eat all the wedding cake you want because this is your day, and you are the one who’s setting the rules.


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