Kerala Wedding Bridal Make-Up

Unique And Innovative Kerala Wedding Bridal Make-Up Senses

With so many customs and cultures, Indian is a land of diversity. Every state in India has its own set of traditions and it would be quite interesting to see how they perform their wedding ceremonies. Apart from rituals, even the bridal makeup varies from one state to another. Even by looking at the bridal dress, one can easily guess what custom or state they belong to. The culture and tradition of the state is exhibited through clothes, jewelry and make up. Kerala is a land of well-connected backwaters and lush greeneries. It is one of the popular tourist spots as travelers visit the state to look at the lifestyle of Keralites. Through this article, you can take advantage of looking at the gorgeousness of Kerala Brides and how they different from the brides of other states in the country.

Kerala bridal wedding dress:

The most distinct feature of a Kerala Bride is the wedding dress. Though most of the states in the country have the custom of wearing yellow or red on their wedding day, the brides in Kerala wear a white silk saree with golden border. In fact, this is the most desired attire for the brides in Kerala. The fact behind this truth is that a major part of the population in Kerala is Christians who prefer wearing white on the wedding day. Muslim and Hindu Brides wear bright colored saris on their wedding. The Christian brides in Kerala wear white saris and pair it with veil or they may choose to wear white gown. The Muslim brides prefer wearing lehengas or sarees and pair it with gorgeously designed dupatta pinned on her head.

Kerala Bridal Wedding Jewelry:

When it comes to wedding jewelry, the Kerala Brides prefer wearing gold jewelries on their special day. No matter, which religion that they belong to, these brides wear lots and lots of gold jewelries adorned with diamonds and other precious stones. The reason for the brides to wear a plenty of gold jewelry is to showcase the prosperity of their family. Kerala Brides wear necklaces in different lengths, from shorter ones close to their neck to the longer ones reaching their waist. They also prefer wearing a big Jhumka with contemporary design. Dozens of gold bangles in different thickness and gold waist chain will be worn by the Kerala Brides.

Kerala Bridal Wedding Hairstyle:

The most preferred hairstyle among Hindu and Muslim Kerala Brides is a braid and is a bun for Christian brides. Both Hindu and Muslim brides wears use a lot of flowers to adorn their hairstyle whereas Christian brides wear veil and tiara as hair accessories. Of course, there are also several hair jewelries available for Kerala brides to choose from.

Kerala Bridal Wedding Makeup:

When we speak about Kerala Wedding Makeup, the Kerala Brides used to put minimum makeup. They do not have the desire of boasting vibrant colors and heavy makeups. Most of the prefer achieving a subtle glow on their face on their wedding day. Their preferred color shades would be none other than gold or pink to achieve a glowing and dewy look. Even the eye make-up will not be more dramatic and they focus only on the natural beauty. They apply minimal makeup just to enhance their features.

With minimal makeup and grand jelweries, Kerala brides will be of interesting ironies. They are quite different from other brides in the country and their make-up sense is what made them to be unique and distinct from brides of other states. So, it is guaranteed that Kerala Brides seem to epitomize the greenery and backwaters of the state with their refreshing look.

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