Top 10 Kerala Honeymoon Destinations for Couples to Visit in 2021

Did you know that a couple spends more than 5.1 weeks on average to plan their honeymoon trip? The fact simply makes us realise the importance of taking a trip after having a wedding. Most people dream of luxurious international trips while thinking about their honeymoon.

However, due to the havoc of COVID-19, global trips are not accessible, and it also threatens one’s wellbeing. Travelling inside India naturally comes up as a viable solution for all newlyweds. Trying out lush Kerala honeymoon destinations can be the next best option for those getting married in 2021.

Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala 

Looking for honeymoon places in Kerala can seem daunting because of numerous options. But, we have got you covered by picking the top ten places that should be in the must-visit list of every couple. As everyone has diverse taste, here are some fabulous honeymoon places of Kerala with distinct flavours.



Munnar, the picturesque hilly destination of Kerala tops every honeymoon list. Everything from the lush tea plantations to its intimate setting, Munnar welcomes romance.

Speckling of countless honeymoon resorts in Munnar assures every couple a comfortable stay. Choose accommodation outside the main town to beat the seasonal crowd.

Apart from leisure town walks, do visit the natural reserves to enjoy the natural flora and fauna. Eravikulam National Park, present 16 Kms away from Munnar, lets you look at the phenomenal Nilgiri Tahr.

Munnar’s misty green mornings and unpredictable weather call for a laidback romantic holiday. Because of the unique beauty Western Ghats, honeymoon couple find it distinct from other hilly destinations of India.

When to visit: October to November and January to May

Places to visit:

  • Eravikulam National Park
  • Elephant village at Anakulam
  • Mattupetty Dam
  • Hydel Park
  • Munnar Tea Museum
  • Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary & Waterfalls



The colonial cityscape of Kochi brings tourists from all over the world. This small town is eponymous with Chinese fishing nets and sunsets beside its port.

In Kochi, couples will find romance as they wander through narrow alleys and stop at quaint eateries. This small place’s admixture of colonial cultures which entice you through architecture.

But, that’s not all. Kochi tops among the Kerala honeymoon destinations because of its distinctive culture and food. Mixing with locals won’t be a problem.

To beat the drudgery of city life, its best to stay in a resort by one of the scenic beaches of Kochi.

When to visit: July to April

Places to visit:

  • Mattancherry Palace
  • Cherai Beach
  • St. Francis Church
  • Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilic
  • Fort Kochi
  • Willingdon Island



While talking about romantic places in Kerala, it is impossible to leave out Alleppey. Known for tranquil houseboats on the state’s renowned backwaters, it’s perfect for honeymoons.

Away from the humdrum of city life, Alleppey provides couples with a quiet getaway. The place lets you enjoy calm sunrises and sunsets in a verdant setting.

You can enjoy Kerala’s local food right on their houseboats or indulge in cooking classes. Moreover, the remarkable starry nights of Alleppey is incomparable and absolutely romantic. Couples might also enjoy a Kayaking trip to have an intimate look of the serene water channels.

When to visit: October to February

Places to visit:

  • Marari Beach
  • Alleppey Beach
  • Revi Karunakaran Museum
  • St. Andrew’s Basilica Arthunkal
  • Kuttanad Backwaters



Kovalam reminds you of the picture postcard of seaside heaven. Being one of the widely renowned tourist places in Kerala, Kovalam remains full of life.

It makes a perfect holiday for couples who would like to spend their honeymoon in the lap of the blue ocean. Visiting one of the laid back beaches like the Samudra beach saves you from the hustle and bustle of people.

Kovalam is one of the perfect Kerala honeymoon destinations as it remains accessible throughout the year. So, couples who are getting married in hot summers can also escape to this marine paradise.

When to visit: Throughout the year, but best weather is found during September to March.

Places to visit:

  • Rock-cut Cave Temple
  • Samudra Beach Park
  • Sunset Point Cape
  • Sagarika Marine Research Aquarium And Hatchery
  • Lighthouse Beach



As soon as you reach Wayanad, a spice-laden air engulfs your whole body. Numerous honeymoon resorts in Wayanad welcome the newly married couples who frequent this tranquil hill station.

The unparalleled natural galore of this town provides instant relaxation to all travellers. Moreover, couples can cement their bonding by opting to stay in a treehouse, away from everyday life noises.

Wayanad also works as a perfect destination for adventurous couples. They can opt for a hike or get lost in the beauty of numerous trails present in Wayanad’s peaceful terrain. There are tonnes of places to explore for getting acquainted to the mystic setting of these hills.

When to visit: October to May

Places to visit:

  • Chembra Peak and heart-shaped Chembra Lake
  • Edakkal Caves
  • Kuruvadweep river delta
  • Thirunelli Temple
  • Soochipara Falls
  • Bandipur National Park



Bekal is one such among Kerala honeymoon destinations that take you back in time. This place is primarily known for its forts. Greenery has taken over this romantic destination making it perfect for honeymooners.

As the ocean chimes with the forested area, couples can find themselves at peace. It also speaks to the history buff who wants to know more about Kerala’s past.

Early morning strolls through the forests or the beaches are made memorable by the soothing weather. Kerala backwaters of Valiyaparamba lie nearby, making it a unique experience.

Want to have a quiet honeymoon? Get yourself one of the quaint villas nestled in the verdures of Bekal.

When to visit: October to March

Places to visit:

  • Bekal Fort
  • Chandragiri Fort
  • Payaswini
  • Nithyananda Ashram caves
  • Bekal Beach



If you like to wander in the forests, Thekkady will please you instantly. This honeymoon destination provides an exceptional experience of flora and fauna of Kerala.

Spices are grown abundantly in the area because of its rich weather and fertile land. Moreover, couples can have endless romantic boat trips on the Periyar river.

As Thekkady houses the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, one gets a glimpse at the lives of local inhabitants. During a jungle ride, a couple can enjoy an opportunity to mix with the local tribal population.

To make it even more romantic, including a trip to one of the nearby vineyards or coffee plantations. An unforgettable short ride will give you an exceptional view of the region.

 When to visit: September to May

Places to visit:

  • Rangerwood Nature Castle
  • Periyar National Park
  • Chellarkovil
  • Kumily
  • Murikkady
  • Mangla Devi Temple



Known as the “lake city,” Kumarakom takes you to an idle place for romantic explorations. Its renowned as one of the best Kerala honeymoon destinations because of its lake and the backwaters.

Did you have to cancel an international honeymoon trip? Kumarakom gives you no less experience of visiting a tropical haven.

Stay on a houseboat on Vembanad, the largest freshwater lake in Kerala, to have the best experience. During winters, migratory birds flock to the lake upping its beauty.

A tranquil boat trip gives you a close view of the colourful wildlife of Kumarakom. Bird watchers from all over the world travel to Kumarakom to relish the exceptional sight.

When to visit: Year round visits are possible, but best season is between September to March.

Places to visit:

  • Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
  • Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall
  • Vembanad Lake
  • Kumarakom Beach
  • Bay Island Driftwood Museum



Kannur, previously known as Cannanore, was a sea port bustling with international trade. The royalty might not remain, but their remnants don’t fail to attract people from all over the world.

Only 80 KM north of Calicut, Kannur provides a laid-back experience of Kerala. It has several tranquil beaches that are seldom visited by tourists. Couples can spend house on the golden beaches of Kannur away from boisterous city life.

The unique Theyyam dance rituals make this honeymoon destination even more exciting. Travellers also like to get involved in trips to traditional weaving villages.

Want to do something different? Climb the 75 ft Kannur lighthouse to have a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea.

When to visit: October to March

Places to visit:

  • Muzhappilangad Beach
  • St. Angelo Fort
  • Kannur lighthouse
  • Thottada Beach
  • Kerala Folklore Academy



After having a fairy tale wedding, you may getaway to a relaxing place away from a lot of activity. Marayoor is different from a usual romantic getaway with its rocky but tranquil terrain.

Marayoor holds Kerala’s only dense sandalwood groves. Adventure enthusiast couples will fall in love with the terrain that beacon explorations.

Moreover, in this honeymoon destination, one can spend hours mesmerized by local sugarcane farms. Relishing the jaggery, Marayoor sharkara is a must to experience its local heritage.

Are you interested in checking out the flora? Take a trip through extensive trails through the forests and grasslands of Marayoor.

Additionally, this place is always a hit among people interested in history and archeology.

When to visit: November to February

Places to visit:

  • Dolmens / Muniyaras
  • Ezhuthala Cave Rock Paintings
  • Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Thoovanam Waterfalls
  • Munnar (Couples can club the two honeymoon destinations)

Ultimately, the choice between Kerala honeymoon destinations lies on a couple. The list contains different destinations and terrains that might please the various whims of a couple.

Be it the famous Kerala backwaters or the forests Marayoor, proper planning helps a lot. As the Southwestern most state of India, Kerala still has a lot of unexplored places.

Couples can find respite in one of the top romantic destinations mentioned in this list. Yes, it might take a while to decide among so many great choices, but it is bound to be great.

Are you unsure? Take help from the internet. Check out the gorgeous pictures and get yourself on a journey through ‘God’s own country.’

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