Wedding More Special and Unique

Tips for Making Your Wedding More Special and Unique

Wedding involves the blending of two souls who will spend their entire life together. Wedding is definitely a special event in everyone’s life when all the relatives, friends and family members will come together to bless and give best wishes to the couple. In Kerala wedding is full of fashion, glamor and delicious foods and there are several interesting things that take place during wedding ceremonies. Traditional rituals and ceremonies are conducted on this day. However, these rituals are time consuming, which could make your guests to get little bit bored. So, it is our onus to ensure that the ceremonies are conducted in an interesting way to make the guests feel fun and excited. Though we cannot modify the rituals, you can add fun filled moments to make the wedding celebration more interesting.

Here are some of the excellent ways to make a Kerala wedding a unique one.

  • You can consider organizing an off-beat or interesting theme for the wedding celebration. You can tie balloons and ribbons at the entrance to welcome your guests in a unique way. The seats can be arranged in a circular or spiral manner as you look at the parliament to add a special touch to the entire look of the wedding hall. By doing so, you can transform the wedding hall into a theater.
  • It is also worth giving your dress codes or the ceremonies a vintage touch. You can look for the dressing codes of conventional time and purchase the one accordingly. Apart from costumes, you can apply the same concept to set up a vintage style atmosphere for reception and decorations. Elderly people will definitely welcome this kind of wedding ideas and even appreciate it. On seeing this, the older people will get a chance to recollect their old wedding memories again. This means that your wedding leaves some long lasting memories in your life but also in your esteemed guests’ lives.
  • You should involve all your family members in each and every aspect of your wedding. You can consider mixing up a wide variety of rituals by involving the family members in it. Even your guests and friends can also be involved in conventional ceremonies to give them a great part to play in your wedding. By doing so, you can make them cheerful and bring some happiness in their heart.
  • When it comes to state decoration, you can insist the professionals to adorn the stage with handmade and handicrafts items. You can insist them to use traditional lamps rather than electric lighting. This gives a natural look to the reception and stage area which is decorated with flowers, leaves and handmade things.
  • You can plan for conducting additional ceremonies such as announcing vows. If you do something unique, your wedding will definitely be remembered by all your family members and guests forever. Of course, the additional ceremonies should be exciting and funny.
  • You can set a dress code for your wedding. While most of the families prefer wearing traditional dresses on wedding, you can try out something unique and different during reception. You can go with themes such as James Bond, Monte Carlo, etc.
  • You can consider singing a song or delivering a romantic speed for your partner on the occasion of the wedding. You can give your life partner a chance to dance or sing to make the day more enjoyable.
  • You should never fail to provide delicious, full meals to your guests. Whether you are providing them non veg or vegetarian meals, you should show special care to your guests.

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