Steps to Planning a Wedding That’s Totally You

Modern-day couples are tired of the cookie-cutter wedding that look like each other’s clones. Everyone is in pursuit of something original unique, and most importantly, something that is a reflection of their style and personality. Before you embark on the adventure of planning your wedding it’s paramount to ask yourself the following questions: How big do you want it to be? Do you want it to include almost everyone you know or just close family and friends? Do you envision an indoor or an outdoor wedding? Are you into the warmth of your hometown or the extravagance of a destination wedding? What’s your general preference – modern, rustic, classic, romantic or full-glam? Upscale or casual? What is your dream wedding season? Once you have these general questions answered, you have a solid ground on which to build your vision, so let’s explore and see how you can narrow the abundance of choices down.

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What’s your dream wedding?
Every type of wedding has its charms, so you’ll be tempted to choose the best of each style, but you’re well-aware that these details don’t mesh well together and you might have to unpin some of the things from your Pinterest board. To get rid of doubts and distractions, the best first steps to take is to go through bridal magazines. After that, dig deeper and think about weddings you’ve attended, and see which one appeals to you most. It’s a good idea to look at real wedding photos, so search through personal blogs to get a realistic picture. Once you’ve settled on the general theme, you can start thinking about such details as the type of venue, the color palette, the style of your wedding gown as well as the food.
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Choose the theme according to personal style
Whether it will be modern, rustic, shabby-chic, romantic or glamorous really depends on your and your fiancé’s personal style. In order to pinpoint the exact route you want to take, sit down and think about your lifestyle. Take your interests and hobbies into consideration. If you truly love all things vintage, from movies to fashion, then, by all means, jump into that theme with both feet. Now, when a couple has very specific ideas that might be difficult to execute alone, a wedding planner is always a good idea. For instance, there are amazing party planners from Sydney who take the time to get to know a couple profoundly and are with you every step of the way to make sure your vision is perfectly executed. Plus, professional wedding planners have the kind of experience and connections that enable them to acquire things you wouldn’t even know where to start looking for, and that’s why hiring them is always a good idea.

The color palette
Once you’re firmly set on a theme, the color palette will reveal itself. Rustic weddings usually entail white and beige, mixed with green and subtle gold elements and wildflowers. The vintage theme can take many routes – if you’re into the roaring twenties, burgundy, gold and other rich and extravagant colors will be your choice. Modern weddings, on the other hand, are bright and clean – mostly white with royal blue elements and yellow flowers, while a classic romantic theme calls for rosy and gentle hues.

The wedding attire
With so many details set in motion, you have to ensure your wedding attire doesn’t clash with the overall theme. A traditional and modern wedding calls for something along the line of a V-neck wrap bodice. Vintage weddings are perfect for that mixture of old glam and modern sensibility. The gown usually features that vintage-looking lace, and you can go for a floor-length gown or a tea-length one. Bridal magazines are a real life-saver when it comes to narrowing your search down, and of course, there are amazing bridal boutiques that are more than happy to help you find something that will mesh perfectly with your vision.

Don’t forget the vibe
The overall vibe of the wedding is set as soon as you decide on a theme. Every theme comes with its own level of formality, but make sure to inform your guests on what the theme and the vibe are so they can plan their outfits and makeup and hair choices accordingly. Finally, every great wedding is highly dependent on the choice of music. You want to have fun, and you want your guests to have a memorable time as well. Choose the kind of wedding band that plays the music that the two of you love, but also make small compromises if your tastes in music are highly specific and aren’t exactly your guests’ cup of tea. Perfection is to be found in the middle ground so that everyone is happy.

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