Popular Weddings Outfits for Grooms in Kerala

Popular Weddings Outfits for Grooms in Kerala

Kerala has a unique and rich cultural heritage for many centuries. Being known as the God’s own country, this destination is highly recognized for its ideal variety of clothing particularly in wedding functions. Expensive clothing is currently the major part of wedding occasions in Thrissur, Cochin and other cities of Kerala. Since wedding is the most auspicious occasion in the life of everyone, the bride and groom need to look most appealing on the wedding day. There are diverse of wedding outfits for both bride and groom popular in Kerala. Huge type of dresses that suit the style and personality of the couples are discussed below.

In Kerala marriages, traditionally, bride’s outfit is saris and grooms are seen wearing dhoties and shirts. However, being influenced by Northern culture, now the fashions and trends have started in Kerala.
Men’s wear

  • Dhoties and wedding shirts- These are considered as the traditional clothing for groom in the weddings ceremonies in Kerala.
  • Sherwanis- Modern sherwanis are famous in Northern parts of India and it is also gaining fame among the Grooms of South India including Keralites.
  • Indo-western fusion wear- This is an exceptional combination and have the best features of western designer suits and traditional Indian Sherwani
  • Designer suits- Crafted of high quality domestic and imported fabric, these kinds of designer suits can offer an excellent appeal on the day of charming marriage occasion. Designer suits having attractive works and different shades are common these days.

The wedding dress of Hindu make basically consists of white mundu along with kasavu border. Some Hindus also prefer wearing seasoned shirts for their marriages. Among the Christian keralites, different wedding dresses are in trend and no specific form of wear is common to Christian denominations.

The idyllic Kerala state is really a paradise, just in terms of resplendent and popular scenic beauty. The cuisine, culture, people and especially, the age old customs and traditions of people and a welcome, which is so inviting and warm making you feel being right at home. Hence, when you look to get married in God’s own nation, you will have to know about the different wedding outfit options in the state for the groom. Since it is the state, where the combined minorities exceeds the Hindu population, it is as diverse as it is wonderful. And provided the exciting diversity of cultures and firm ethos, there are different Kerala groom garment options to choose from and they are outlined here in details.

Amazing Desi Dhoti

If there is one piece of clothing that you could choose to define the whole Indian outfit for men, it would be dhoti, throughout the history of civilization in India. It is also a significant Indian sartorial option, which finds its basis in tradition. Right from the farmers to great Mahatma, Kerala has been wearing and still enjoys the prominence. Thus, why not celebrate the Indian-ness in real style and pick for a excitingly traditional dhoti combined with an excellent smart silk shirt for the utmost cool outfit. This would be the most memorable Kerala-themed wedding attire for groom.


While it comes to looking the absolute best on your important day of life and on a celebration as significant, regal and grand, what does a man should turn to? Of course, a suit! It is a saying that a man in a brisk suit is a charming as attractive to a woman. Available in a range of colors and styles, whether 2, 3 piece or white or even navy blue, when you feel adventurous, suits are quite much a best options for your wedding.

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