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How to Organize a Glamorous Wedding Without Breaking the Bank

Ever since we were little, the idea of a grandiose wedding has been implanted in our brains. Any girl who grew up watching classic Disney cartoons and various romance films once fantasized about her own wedding day, that special occasion with a castle venue, white doves and magnificent horse carriages. Yes, the feeling of extravagance never quite disappears and when the moment finally arrives, we realize that organizing a glamorous dream wedding requires a fair amount of money. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should give up on your dream entirely; on the contrary, there are tons of great, frugal ideas that you can use to plan your special day and create a luxurious event without spending unreasonable amounts of money. So before you make that final walk down the aisle, make sure to consider some of these low-cost and yet effective solutions.

Simple and Monochromatic
One of the best things about elegant designs is that they require simplicity. This is especially good news for those who are struggling with a tight budget and wish to organize something praise-worthy for their big day. The best solution is to choose a preferred style and let it permeate the entire wedding. The choice of colour can greatly help here and you surely won’t make a mistake by opting for plain white, cream or ivory. Throw in some gold sparkle and you have yourself a simple, tasteful and exquisite wedding setting.

Be Creative
One of the most overlooked factors when planning a wedding are those small details and decorative pieces which seem like a minor hassle, but end up costing a fortune. In order to avoid this trap, it would be a good idea to rely on your creative skills and design the decorations on your own. Employ your friends and family members and with joint forces make wonderful wild flower arrangements, DIY invitations and cards, paper pom-poms or tassel garlands. Candles in mason jars will add a charming touch to the whole setting, while you can always light up the venue by placing lighting bulbs around the trees and across the ceiling. There are all kinds of simple and easy projects which can be done in no time, with little to no money and will look remarkable.

Carefully Choose the Venue
Not only is a good venue hard to find, it’s also one of the priciest factors of planning a wedding. This being said, it’s a wise idea to consider certain alternative venue options. Beach weddings have become quite popular over the years, while rustic-inspired barn weddings are also praised for their charming elegance. Of course, you can always opt for something out of the ordinary such as a botanical garden, a historical site or even a museum or an art gallery. There’s always an option of organizing the reception in a private residence or a vacation home.

Forget the Carriages
Although a fairy-tale wedding certainly sounds amazing, if you wish to save your wallet, it’ll be necessary to make some adjustments. Surely you don’t need a horse drawn carriage to feel like a princess on your special day, nor an extravagant limo to act like a celebrity. You can save a lot of money, time and effort by simply opting for a professional car service. Many countries have adopted this practice and a wedding car hire in Sydney offers luxury vehicles with professional chauffeurs to get you to your destination. With services like these you can rest easily on your big day without worrying about gas money, traffic jams or flat tires.

A wedding of your dreams can become a reality without sacrificing too much of your budget. Simply, focus on the important stuff and embrace your creativity. The best you can do is take matters into your own hands and throw a fabulous wedding that everybody will talk about years after.


Article by : Diana, mom of two beautiful girls and a great beauty and fashion lover.

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