Plan an Engagement Party

How to Masterfully Plan an Engagement Party

The marathon of wedding-related festivities officially starts with the event of the engagement party. To carry out the whole thing flawlessly you must make thorough plans beforehand. From the deciding who’s going to host it, setting a date to sending invitations and picking the menu, the whole endeavour can be exhausting. Thankfully, we have compiled an extensive list of necessary steps for smooth organisation procedure.

Step 1: The selection of hosts

If you choose to follow the tradition, you should leave it in the hands of bride’s parents to throw the engagement bash. Still, the etiquette rules have loosened up with years and the hosting obligation can now be entrusted with other people of the couple’s choosing. Also, you can opt out completely and skip it, or even arrange two parties – one in the groom’s hometown, and one in the bride’s.

Step 2: Choose a date

It’s common to hold an engagement part not long after the lovebirds make an official announcement they’re getting married, while the news is hot. Alternatively, you can host a surprise party and disclose it then and there. Nowadays, the social media are also a popular means of sharing the happy resolution.

Step 3: Guest list

Note that the people who attend the engagement party should be invited to the wedding as well. For this, the main organiser has to work closely with the newlyweds-to-be and carefully compile a full list. Now, if you’re still unsure about the final scope of the wedding, it’s advisable you only invite the closest family and friends to the engagement celebration.

Step 4: Venue search

Consider the kind of ambience you wish to have when you’re perusing the venue offer. One room setting is easily attainable by renting a whole section of a restaurant. However, the low-key atmosphere for modestly-sized groups can be created on the family house premises or at a local country club.

Step 5: The matter of gifts

People attending may ask about whether there’s a gift registry involved, and you have to decide about it beforehand. If you choose to introduce the aspect of engagement presents, make sure they’re in the affordable price range (low to middle). The wedding has yet to happen so be mindful of the guests’ budget.

Step 6: Send out the invitations

The best is to keep the business of engagement invitations simple: make hand-written pieces or just email a nicely composed message to the distant invitees. Still, many brides love to have printed cards, and a classic and clean design is the way to go, while tints don’t need to match the wedding theme.

Step 7: Menu planning

A six-course meals with an open bar may be a tad too much for the engagement bash. Instead, make a smart selection of appetisers, arrange a buffet or turn the whole event into an informal barbecue. If you’re a keen on cooking, you can present the guests with your own specialties too.

Step 8: Scene setup

The theme of the party can be anything from a meaningful aspect of couple’s relationship to a family related matter. The biggest problem is keeping the whole event a little less grandiose than a wedding should be. Cute flower arrangements are inconspicuous and lovely, and they light up the space quite nicely.

Step 9: The attire

The clothes you pick to wear for the engagement party should be complementary to the event, but not too fancy. A gorgeous, summer dress is perfect for outdoor settings. For a bit more elegant venues, a white, simple-cut dress is a no-brainer. The groom-to-be should definitely not don a tuxedo, but opt for a relaxed combination that goes well with the bride’s.

A celebration of engagement is a sort of a test drive for the wedding. It has a lot of its components, and we have pinpointed the main ones for your convenience.


Article by : Diana, mom of two beautiful girls and a great beauty and fashion lover.

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